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16 plant options to grow indoors

Plants always add charm to the decoration and some are perfect for growing indoors, as they adapt very well to the environment, transforming your energy and improving the quality of the air.

Remember that even plants that are good for growing indoors need natural light, so place them near windows and on porches.

Ideal size for your space

It is important that, when choosing a plant, you first ask yourself if it fits in your environment. For this reason, we have separated some plants of different sizes for you.

Small plants indoors

Small plants are always a wild card, as they are great in various types of environments, some of them even in bathrooms.


The succulents are great for growing indoors, because they are easy to care for and are cheap, plus being well-diversified, having different species.


They don’t need a lot of water, so they’re great for those who don’t have a lot of time to care for plants, or even more distracted people.


This type of plant does very well in various types of environments, but the ideal is to leave them in places where the sun shines.

During summer, you can water it once a week, and during winter, watering can happen once a month, because the cactus stores water for a long time.


Cacti. Source: Pinterest

They are great for decoration as, in addition to being exotic, some can flourish depending on weather conditions.


With its colorful foliage and exotic beauty, fitônia draws a lot of attention and is a great decoration for your home. They create a very interesting landscape, as their small leaves have a striking coloration.

Phytonia. Phytonia. Source: Pixabay

They are plants that like a lot of humidity, so they need to be watered daily. They are also very fond of indirect sunlight and warmer temperatures.


This is a very common plant in homes, you’ve probably seen it in someone’s house. They match any environment, as they are delicate flowers with beautiful coloration.


Violets like light as long as it’s not from direct sunlight, so the best place to leave them is near windows. They are plants that need watering every day in the heat, and every other day in winter.

Taking good care of them, the flowers will decorate your home throughout the year.

Medium plants indoors

If you have a little more space in your room, having a medium floor plan is perfect. You can place them in the hallway, beside the door or even make a small indoor garden with various species.


This plant is very tolerant to different lights, they can be in places with low light as well as places with direct sun.


Spear-of-Saint-Jorge. Source: Pinterest

They also don’t need a lot of watering, that’s because they prefer more clayey soils, which makes the soil wet longer.

It is a more rustic plant option and, for many, it means bringing protection to the home.

Nobody can with me

They have large leaves with dark green coloration and whitish spots, which end up creating a pattern.

The best environment for me-nobody-cans are placed with half-shade; depending on the season, they should be watered every three or four days, and it is important to always check that the soil is dry before watering it.

Nobody can with me.

Be careful, as it is important that you always wash your hands very well after taking care of this plant, as it is a toxic species. Do not touch your eyes and mouth without first cleaning them.

Many people say that with me-nobody-can drive away from the evil eye and absorb the negative energies that are in the environment.

lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo *put a lucky bamboo link* is an item that, in addition to decorating your environment, takes good energy. Taking care of them is easy, as they do very well indoors.

Lucky bamboo.

They need indirect light and moist soil, but don’t go overboard watering; you will only need to water them when the soil is dry.


It is a great option to ensure a more vibrant decor, as it has strong colors. Anthurium is a classic and fits perfectly indoors.


The leaves are broad and make a heart design, its flowers can be found in various colors, the most common being red, always with a yellow stem.

It is a plant that is very fond of water and semi-shade lighting. Water it twice a week and your plant will grow very happily.

Large plants indoors

A great consumption dream for some people, large plants can totally change an environment, making it more interesting and pleasant.

Here are some examples of them, so you can choose the one that best suits you and your home.

Adam’s rib

This is a plant that is very fashionable nowadays, we see them a lot in prints on clothes, bags and pillows.

It adapts to different environments and, when placed indoors, it is important that it is in a place that has indirect light and ventilation.

Adam's rib.

Adam’s rib.

Whenever possible, clean the leaves of this plant gently with a damp cloth to remove dust that accumulates over time.

This plant can reach up to 3 meters in height, so it is important that you have space to accommodate it.

Fan palm

Exotic and sculptural, the fan palm adapts very well to countries with a tropical climate, such as ours. It has an appearance that resembles a fan or a peacock’s tail.

Fan palm tree.

Fan palm tree.

It is quite voluminous, so it is best to leave it in wider spaces, where the morning light, which is preferred by this plant, shines. Your watering should happen one to three times a week.

To perform maintenance on your fan palm, always remove leaves that are old and dry.

Another important point is to regularly fertilize the soil it is in during the warmer seasons.

bamboo moss

It can reach up to 25 meters in height and adapts well to different environments and temperatures.

It looks beautiful in living rooms as a standout object and also on balconies to compose the environment.



Bamboo moss doesn’t need a lot of watering; you can water it with a small amount of water. It also needs nutrients to develop, but only apply them after six months of planting.


It is a shrub and grows fast, reaching up to 5 meters in height. Currently, the cheflera is being used a lot in interior decoration, but it is not interesting to use it in places of passage, as it takes up a lot of space on the side.



As the cheflera is fast-growing, you can cut her main trunk to a foot high, so she will generate new shoots. Its roots can be pruned when you change pots.

pending plans

You don’t have space on the floor to place plants, but still want to have them at home? Bet on the hanging plants, as they can be hung from the ceiling, windows and balcony.


The fern adapts very well to places and does not need much maintenance.

It prefers shaded environments, so it’s a perfect plant to grow indoors, but remember that every plant needs a little light, and indirect light is best for her.

Hanging fern plant.

Hanging fern plant.

She prefers humid environments, so her watering should be done every day. But be careful, it should only be moist and not soaked.

Because it likes humid environments, the fern is a great plant for decorating bathrooms, especially in cold weather, when it needs a higher temperature.

Fern pruning is also necessary, always cut the areas of the fern that appear to be damaged, as some diseases can appear and, if there is no such pruning, it can proliferate on your plant.

Money in bunch

It is a small plant, but its hanging branches provide a beautiful decoration for indoor environments.

Also called a penny, this plant is known for having the power to attract luck, money and abundance to those who cultivate it.

Pending plant money in bunch.

Pending plant money in the bunch.

The money in bunch is not very resistant to the sun, so the idea is to place it in semi-shade environments. It also doesn’t have much resistance to cold, so you should avoid placing it in air-conditioned environments.

In warm months, watering can be done every day; in cold months, check the need for watering according to the soil.


Its leaves are medium, with different shades of green. Its branches fall in angled patterns.


It is a very easy plant to care for, as it needs good light and plenty of water. You can water it daily.

The ideal environment for peperomia is the coast, but it also survives in other environments, as long as they are protected from possible frost.

Donkey tail

It is a type of succulent and is being increasingly sought after to have indoors.

Her curls are thick and, when they fall, they form a very interesting composition.

Donkey's tail plant.

Donkey’s tail plant.

For your plant to grow strong and healthy, place it in a place that has half shade, for example near windows, and water it once a week to keep it moist.

Where to place indoor plants

Betting on vases that are also a decorative element is very cool and conveys personality to your home. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Remember that your pot has to be chosen according to your plant, as it needs adequate space to grow strong and healthy.

Be aware that not all decorative vases are for holding plants, so it is important that, when buying your vase, you pay careful attention to this aspect.

Indoor Plant Decoration Tips

There are several possibilities to put your plants indoors and some of them can give your house a little more charm and leave a little out of the ordinary.

Leaked shelf

Many people may think that hollow shelves are just for placing books, but it’s actually a great place to put your plants of different sizes and styles.

Leaked bookcase as decoration.

Leaked bookcase as decoration.

You can either place only plants, or you can mix them with other objects, such as books, statues, paintings, among others.

The hollow bookcase can be used both as a decoration piece and as a room divider.


It is a great option for those who want to save space. There are several models of shelves and, for sure, one of them will perfectly match your environment.

Shelves with plants as decoration.

Shelves with plants as decoration.

On shelves, you can also place different types of plants, including pendant ones, which will look beautiful and give a charm to the space.


Different, isn’t it? Well then! This is a tip for those who want to escape normality and explore unexpected spaces.

Ceiling plant decoration option.

Ceiling plant decoration option.

The ceiling is a great place to add a touch of nature, in which case hanging plants are ideal.

Living wall

Vertical gardens are very hot when it comes to decoration, both indoors and outdoors, as they create a soft and floating space.

Living wall decoration option.

Living wall decoration option.

Here you can abuse your creativity and use the most diverse plants, but always remember that each one of them has its specificity, so a nice tip is to leave the plants that need similar care close together.

Are you a plant lover and wanted to know which ones you can grow at home? Did you like our tips? Let us know in the comments below, as your opinion is always very important to us!

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