You are currently viewing Advertiser’s Day: know when it’s celebrated and get inspired with 8 movie and series tips for those working in the field

Advertiser’s Day: know when it’s celebrated and get inspired with 8 movie and series tips for those working in the field

Get to know the history of Advertiser’s Day, celebrated on February 1st, and see tips for movies and series that can bring inspiration to your work and career

Advertiser’s Day is celebrated on February 1st in Brazil, honoring the work of advertisers. The date refers to Decree No. 57690, instituted in 1966 to regulate the profession.

Did you know there is an Advertiser Day? The date, celebrated on February 1st, was created to honor these professionals, who use their creativity to create different campaigns. In this article, you’ll learn the history of Advertiser Day and know when it was created. And more: the text also brings 8 unmissable movie and series tips for anyone working in the advertising area to be inspired. Check out!

What is and when was Advertising Day created?

Advertising Day is celebrated in Brazil on February 1st. The chosen day refers to Decree nº 57.690, of February 1, 1966. This decree, in turn, approves the regulation for the execution of another law, nº 4.680, of June 18, 1965, which talks about the exercise of the profession in the country.

The purpose of the date is to remember the importance of the work of advertisers, responsible for creating campaigns that promote ideas, companies, products, services, people, places.

In addition to February 1st, there are other dates that honor advertising, marketing and advertising professionals in Brazil. On October 17, for example, Professional Advertising Day is celebrated. May 8th is the date that marks the Day of the Marketing Professional.

Get inspired: 8 movies and series every advertising professional should watch

If creativity is a prerequisite in agencies, the fuel for good ideas to flourish are the references that we absorb from different places throughout our lives. This ranges from a trip to a song, going through mainly good stories.

To celebrate Advertiser Day, we’ve listed 8 great stories to inspire and tease you. Most of them are available on Netflix. Check out!

1. Mad Men

opping the list, Mad Men is one of the most awarded series of recent years that portrays a New York advertising agency in the 60s.

Don Draper is the central character — the genius-throat creative director who is full of mystery who deep down harbors some insecurities.

The agency — which changes its name several times during the series due to mergers with other agencies and change of partners — was the one who served several important international brands at a time when advertising was synonymous with glamour.

The plot contextualizes historical moments, such as Kennedy’s assassination, Martin Luther King’s speech, Beatlemania, and the arrival of man on the moon, showing how these events impacted the characters’ lives.

The second phase of the series brings a more modern aesthetic, passing through the hippie revolution and the rise of women in the workforce, with recent seasons focusing on female characters like Peggy Olson, Betty Drapper and Joan Holloway.

Why watch?

The series features incredible references to costumes and style, an aesthetic inspired by Hitchcock and 007, as well as photography and argumentation of the characters, which make every second of time invested count.

Don’s insights into everyday activities to solve customer and campaign issues is what we would all love to have.

Even the opening of the series won awards! In the second phase of Mad Men, the introduction was made by publicist Milton Glaser, American creator of the famous I Love NY logo. The show also received a record of 17 Emmy nominations, the TV Oscars, winning 9 of them.

2. Hunger for Power

The film tells the story of McDonald’s from its beginnings to how we know it today.

The Southern California diner owned by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald, operating on an innovative, Fordist series-production model, caught the interest of salesman and philanderer Ray Crouch.

Croch acquires a stake in the brothers’ business, proposes expanding the business to the franchise model, and little by little take them out of the picture.

  Why watch?

The world is divided between those who were disgusted with the film and those who think that Ray was the necessary bastard to make McDonald’s one of the main fast-food chains in the world.

It’s worth watching to learn about the cultural construction of fast food eating behavior that American society has gone through — and how Mcdonald’s contributed to making it a habit.

3. Girlboss

The series, inspired by the autobiography of the entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso, tells the story of a politically incorrect young woman who refuses to grow and starts her business selling vintage clothes through eBay. Later, she founded her own e-commerce, NastyGal, which became a million-dollar brand.

For not accurately portraying the character’s story, the show ended up receiving some criticism. But Netflix itself brings at the beginning of the series that it is a “ free reinterpretation of true events. Very free”.

  Why watch?

The main point in this series is the innovation of the business model that existed in the beginnings of the World Wide Web, addressing the influence of a good or bad shopping experience on the internet.

The series also brings persistence in the search for parallel and creative solutions to solve problems.

4. Joy

Also based on true events, the film tells the story of the American Joy Mangano, an airline ticket seller who decided to give her ideas a chance and invented a totally innovative cleaning accessory in the late 80’s.

The film also shows the barriers faced by a woman in the job market, who after many noes and many disappointments persisted and became a millionaire.

  Why watch?

  • Because there’s the amazing Jennifer Lawrence acting;
  • Mainly to believe in an idea, have perseverance in difficult times and grow with challenges.

5. Abstract – The art of Design

The Netflix document series shows how the creative process of designers working on different fronts works.

Some names are illustrator Christopher Niemann (a frequent name on magazine covers), Paula Scher (who created brands like CNN, ShakeShack and Citibank), Ralph Gilles (car designer and global leader of Fiat Chrysler), Tinker Hatfield (sneaker designer in companies like Nike) etc.

The series draws a parallel between work and life, showing how one aspect influences the other.

  Why watch?

Designers tell where their inspirations and references for the creative process come from. They also talk about how to break free from creative shackles and think in a new way.

6. House of Cards

Political games are the theme of House of Cards, which is one of the most successful series in recent times.

Francis Underwood, an elusive politician betrayed by the president he helped elect, plots a plan to reach the presidency of the United States supported by his wife, Claire Underwood.

In the plot, he starts to look for important allies, either through blackmail or common interests.

  Why watch?

The series provides an important lesson for the business world: find out what the real interest of your stakeholders is and negotiate from there. Likewise, identify your personas .

7. Her

In the story, writer Theodore falls in love with the voice of his computer’s personal assistant. The film explores man’s relationship with technology (artificial intelligence), and questions its limits.

  Why watch?

It may seem a bit surreal, but if we think that there are already assistants who use machine learning to learn more about our tastes and talk about what interests us, that era is coming. Both with chatbots and personal assistants.

8. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is one of those series that you watch and think: “This is crazy, this will never happen”. Then you realize that no matter how absurd things are, it is possible that they will happen.

The series goes from bizarre to ingenious in seconds, causing mental confusion with each episode. It deals mainly with contemporary issues and unpredictable consequences, relating conflicts to unethical solutions linked to technology.

  Why watch?

The series explores how people use technology in their everyday lives with good and bad intentions, which provide valuable behavioral insights.

And you, did you like to know the origin of Publicity Day? And as for the suggestions, have you watched any of them or have a tip to increase our list? Share in the comments!