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American cuisine: learning to configure your

American kitchen connected to the social area.

The American kitchen is the ideal space configuration for those who like to gather family and friends, as it integrates other rooms such as the living room and dining room with the kitchen so that environments are connected and socialization becomes easier.

Increasingly popular, the configuration works for different types of properties, but it is mostly used in compact footage, where you can take advantage of and optimize all available space, creating an ideal environment to interact with your guests.

What is American cuisine?

The American kitchen is basically a configuration that integrates social areas into the kitchen. This connection is allowed by the typical configuration of the space, through a half-wall, a bench or even a dining table, creating a layout that allows the dining and living room to be integrated into the environment.

Through elements such as the half-wall, such delimitation manages to integrate two or more spaces with different functions, but without confusing the uses and the perimeter of the room.

The popularity of the American kitchen is due to the fluidity it generates between spaces, for people who like to receive family and friends, properties with this configuration are excellent options.

Plan of an apartment with an American kitchen, integrating the social area with the kitchen space. Plan of an apartment with an American kitchen: the configuration integrates the living and dining rooms with the kitchen, creating a comfortable space to receive.

With direct contact between the environments, socialization continues, as you can be cooking or doing some tasks in the kitchen and your visitors can be comfortable in the living room or dining room; the interaction continues, as eye contact is not interrupted.

This configuration is also often used in small buildings, as the fluidity it creates when integrating environments creates a feeling of spaciousness. For smaller spaces, this feeling is important, visually enhancing the ambiance.

A great advantage of the American kitchen is that the room is integrated with social environments, but as it is not fully open like the integrated kitchen, it allows for a more reserved and delimited space, allowing for privacy when necessary.

Dividing Elements of the American Kitchen

As understood, the American kitchen is configured by three dividing elements between the kitchen and the social areas, which can be a half-wall, a countertop or a dining table.

This dividing element can be chosen as you wish, but always considering the utility you need for your day-to-day and the space available in your environment, preventing circulation from becoming uncomfortable.

Half wall

American kitchen set up with half wall and wood finish.

The American kitchen, configured with a half-wall, connects the environments in a discreet way. Source: Pinterest

The half-wall is a popular division element that configures the American kitchen, widely used in several projects, this element has an involved structure since its construction is basically made like a wall.

To avoid future works, this layout must be planned in conjunction with the room design, so you can determine the height, width, and finishes.

If there is already a wall that divides your kitchen from social environments, don’t think this option is not for you. With a non-structural wall, you can demolish apart and set it up as an American kitchen, just hire an architect or an engineer to do a safe job.


American kitchen set up with wooden counter and two barstools.

Using a countertop to set up your kitchen allows you to have a dining space and support for cooking. Source: Pinterest

Using a countertop is the easiest way for you to get an American kitchen, as it is furniture, just make a carpentry project or buy a piece of furniture ready for you to have a countertop in your kitchen that can be used for quick meals or cooking support.

The countertop can be fixed furniture, made in conjunction with the joinery, or independently, a purchased piece of furniture. In both cases, you can integrate the spaces, allowing for fluidity between them and facilitating interaction.

Even though it is an easy way to achieve the long-awaited American kitchen layout, if planned in advance, you can combine its aesthetics with your social environments or your kitchen.

Dining table

Open kitchen set up with a dining table for four.

Separating the kitchen from the social areas with a dining table is a way to optimize space and create a beautiful American kitchen. Source: Pinterest

The dining table used as the configuration of the American kitchen is a smart option for those who have limited space and want to optimize the functions they need. By taking advantage of the space that would be destined for a support counter as a dining table, it joins two functions.

You can even have a dining table for your meals and even use the space as support when cooking. In compact footage, the advantage is that this table can be used in different ways.

But the dividing element can also be used in larger environments and be configured to be a pantry and a space for quick meals.

Using American cuisine combined with decor

The American kitchen can be an element allied to your decor. You can combine it with other elements that already exist in your decor or make it the highlight, just choose the one that suits you and your home the most. Here are some ways to decorate this space:

Living Room Elements

Slatted panel that goes from the living room to the counter, visually integrating the different spaces.

The wooden panel used on the living room wall extends to the kitchen countertop, unifying the environment. Source: Pinterest

As a configuration that integrates the kitchen with social environments, the American kitchen can replicate elements of the decor of your living and dining rooms for greater harmony. But what does it mean?

Take used colors, materials, textures and apply it in the decoration of your dividing element, so you can, in addition to connecting the environments, visually make the space more harmonious.

As in the image above, the slatted wood used in the living room panel was extended as an external covering of the half-wall of the American kitchen, the environment became more fluid and connected, looking like a single element.

Featured material 

Stone and wood counter with wooden and iron stools in front.

Using materials different from those used in the rest of the kitchen on your counter highlights the important element that configures the American kitchen. Source: Pinterest

Your kitchen countertop can also be the highlight. To do this, choose different materials from those used in the kitchen and living and dining rooms.

You can choose a different finish for the countertop, such as marbled stones, bet on textures and colors for the external coating, and, if you like, you can even choose tiles.

The dividing element can be the decoration as you like, colorful or discreet; to become the highlight, it is enough to be differentiated from other environments.

Kitchen Compositions

Living room integrated into the kitchen through the American kitchen configuration, ideal for those who want to entertain.

Using the same finishes as the kitchen on the countertop includes the dividing element in the context of the American kitchen. Source: Pinterest

As the kitchen countertop is focused on social areas, its use can be confusing, making a decoration combined with the kitchen elements, reinforcing the belonging and the usefulness of the element.

Therefore, look at the materials used in your kitchen, apply the same stone on the countertop and make the external cladding in the same color as the cabinets, thus, with all the elements combining, the space is harmonious and integrated.

Simple to maintain fluidity

Light and hollow wooden bench, a possibility for those who want to maintain their visual connection.

A simple, hollow countertop can be the way to create your American kitchen without closing the room. Source: Pinterest

One way to decorate your kitchen in a subtle and pleasant way is to opt for hollow countertops. These dividing elements maintain the fluidity of the space, as they do not act as a visual barrier.

This way, the whole environment is lighter and remains connected at all times, but without losing an essential function of the configuration, a space for meals or support for cooking and leaving home equipment.

The dining table can be different 

Room with shades of gray, pink and wood accents. In the background, a dining table for four, dividing the spaces.

The dining table with materials different from those used in the spaces creates a functional configuration that stands out. Source: Pinterest

Putting a dining table as a dividing element of the American kitchen can be a challenge, but just choose which line of decoration you want to follow in order to be very elegant and functional.

The tip is to replicate other elements already used in the decoration and choose to make a planned table, which can connect with the living room and kitchen area, without getting loose in the environment.

Independent bench

Wooden kitchen bench and iron feet, a way to configure the space with a piece of furniture.

A freestanding countertop is the easiest way to have your kitchen. Source: Pinterest

For those who want an American kitchen and don’t know how to have one, the freestanding countertop is an easy and practical way to make your dream come true. As it is furniture easily found in stores, you can buy it as you wish.

In this case, as a completely new element in your space, choose not to use colors so strong that they stand out from your environment and, if possible, choose finishes similar to those in the kitchen for greater harmony.

The advantage of having an American kitchen

The great advantage of choosing the American kitchen as the configuration of your space is the integration it provides between the environments. For those who like to give dinner and welcome guests, it is a very attractive option.

For more compact spaces, it also allows the optimization of uses and thus the use of all available spaces in the environment.

For other cases, the American kitchen can work as a support counter, both for preparing meals and for placing kitchen appliances.

It might be a setup for you

Very versatile, the kitchen can be for all homes a simple configuration that can even be made with furniture, just choose an option and go after yours.

If this setup is not for you yet, check out our planned kitchen content and see other kitchen options and understand this investment!