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Baby room: How to prepare and decorate this special environment

The arrival of a baby (or more than one!) to the family involves several preparations, such as buying, washing, and ironing clothes, thinking about bath time, and of course, preparing the baby’s room.

This corner of the house can be planned with time, or, why not, be done even after the baby arrives, after all, some parents prefer that the little one sleeps next to them when they are newborns.

However, and when it is done, it is important to consider some elements when composing the baby’s room. Ideally, it should be a calm and, at the same time, stimulating, organized, and functional environment, in order to have all the practicality needed in everyday life.

Know what are the essential elements to assemble the baby’s room

It is known that the child’s universe is infinite, therefore, to be guided in the assembly of the baby’s room, it is important to take into account the priority of the elements so that the room, above all, meets the needs of both the baby and the parents or guardians of the child in their first months of life.

Baby crib 

The crib is the most important piece of furniture in the baby’s room, a place where the little one will spend a good deal of time. Therefore, it must be chosen carefully, paying attention to the details of the furniture.
The crib should have no corners or corners where the baby could get hurt. The height of the crib mattress must be adjustable, so that, as the child grows, it is possible to lower the height of the mattress, as a safety measure, to prevent it from falling out of the crib.

Baby's room. Baby’s room.

In addition to the crib, it is important to remember the other items, such as the crib kit, which transforms rigid furniture into a cozy and comfortable place. Make sure the crib kit you choose contains: side protectors, headboard, sheets, pillowcases, and blanket. These cute elements make the crib safer and cozier for the baby.


The changing table is an essential element in the baby’s room, after all, the little one needs to be changed many times a day. Therefore, it is worth investing in items that facilitate this moment for both the baby and the parents and guardians.

Baby changer on top of dresser.

The baby changer on top of the dresser.

To facilitate cleaning, prefer a waterproof exchanger; for more safety, the anatomical exchanger is the most suitable.

In addition to the changing table, it is very important to have a trash can nearby. If you choose to have one in the baby’s room, know that there are already models of anti-odor trash, which are the most recommended.


Baby room commodes have a difference from conventional ones: they are taller for placing the changing table on top, allowing a comfortable height for those who are changing the baby.
When choosing the dresser for the bedroom, pay attention to the drawers, giving preference to those that slide easily.

Baby room dresser.

Baby room dresser.

On top of the dresser, in addition to the changing table, you can place items used at the time of exchange, such as wet wipes and ointments, as well as everyday objects such as a thermometer, pacifiers, etc.

To organize these elements on top of the furniture, a great tip is to have a kit of organizer containers, which can be made of the same fabric, for example. In addition to being useful, they help to compose the decoration of this more than special environment.

Breastfeeding armchair

Breastfeeding the baby should be a pleasurable moment for both the little one and the mother. In addition to meeting a baby’s basic needs, it is an instance of connection and relaxation between mother and child.
To provide this magical moment, the breastfeeding chair is very suitable, as it is a comfortable seat, with armrests, and has an ottoman to support your feet.

Breastfeeding armchair in the baby room.

Breastfeeding armchair in the baby room.

An important tip: make sure the fabric does not easily absorb liquids and can be washed with a damp cloth.

There are also those who prefer a rocking chair to breastfeed and rock the baby, as rocking is a movement that comforts the little one and helps to induce sleep.

Crib, the star of the baby’s room

The crib, the most important element of the baby’s room, is, therefore, the star of the environment. Nowadays, there are several styles and formats of cribs.
The conventional American crib has adjustable height for the mattress and standard measures of 1.30 m in length by 70 cm in width, which makes it easier when buying the crib kit.

Baby room with crib in the center of the room.

Baby room with a crib in the center of the room.

For those looking for a piece of furniture that lasts longer and keeps up with the child’s growth, there is the multifunctional crib. This piece of furniture is incredible, as it can be assembled as a mini crib, ideal for the baby’s first months, so it is possible to adopt measures similar to those of a conventional crib and, later, transform it into a children’s bed.

Crib with crib kit.

Crib with crib kit

Regardless of the crib model chosen for the baby’s room, it is recommended to use, in the first months of life, a crib reducer nest. This item serves to contain the baby in a space smaller than the crib, so the baby feels safer, contained, just as he was in the mother’s womb.

Elements to make the room even cozier

In addition to the essential furniture for the baby’s room, the implementation of some elements helps to create a comfortable and stimulating environment for the little one.


The mobile is a classic accessory in a baby’s room. Currently, there are several styles, materials, and themes, ranging from traditional to modern and young.

Baby room with mobile. Baby room with mobile.

This element is normally fixed on top of the crib. The mobile serves to distract the baby while lying in the crib and also help him fall asleep; for that, there are models that rotate and play music.


The carpet is a very welcome element in the baby’s room. In addition to bringing warmth to the environment, it is the ideal place for the baby to play, when he starts to sit alone and then crawls.

Baby room with rug.

Carpet like bedroom star.

For greater comfort and safety in the baby’s room, make sure the rug is anti-allergenic and has non-slip. There are even rugs for babies, which, in addition to being safe, have accessories and games.

Baby room decoration

To make the baby’s room cozy and special, in addition to furniture with personality and quality, composing a decoration makes all the difference in space.

As it is a space where the baby will spend his first months of life, accompanied by his family, investing in light colors, pastel tones, cheerful elements and subtle lighting are some tips to take into account.

Baby room decor.

Adventure-themed decor.

Baby room walls are more fun and cheerful when colored, and there are several options to make this happen: from painting a wall a special color, or a part of it, such as the lower half.

Wall panels are in widespread use these days and add character and movement to the room. Wall panels or murals are an image made to measure for a specific wall, unlike wallpapers, which are made in strips, making the pattern repeat.

Romantic decoration. Romantic decoration.

Stickers wall are an option with very similar effect to the murals, with the advantage that it does not need to be sized and are easy to install. Currently, there are several types of wall stickers, from those that make up a single image to small elements that can be glued to the wall repetitively, in whatever way you like.
To brighten the walls, a great idea is to add elements such as thematic, animal or botanical comics, for example. Colorful flags also brighten the celebratory atmosphere of the house.

Baby's room.

The decoration of the baby’s room can be composed, in addition to decorative objects, by elements that are useful in the space. Colorful pillows, with fun shapes, and cloth baskets to store baby’s toys are practical solutions that also add a touch of personality to the room.

Baby room lighting is also a topic to consider, as babies don’t like too bright and direct lights. Therefore, invest in more subtle lighting, with yellow light, and focal points, such as lampshades or fluffy lamps.

One tip is to buy dimmable light bulbs so you can regulate the amount of light needed in the baby’s room at any given time.

And don’t forget that parents will spend a lot of time in the baby’s room, so choose elements that you like and decorate them in your own style. It is even possible to include objects for adults, which bring personality and style to the room.

The Montessori method in the baby’s room

The baby’s room is the space where the little one will live the first months and years of their life; therefore, it can already be planned to accommodate the child’s needs at the beginning of their development.

The Montessori method is a pedagogical line that encourages children’s freedom and autonomy from the early years. And yes, space can help a lot in children’s development.

Montessori children's room.

Montessori children’s room. Source: How we Montessori

Having low elements that the little one will reach, such as toys and books, contributes to this process of autonomy. The tip is to create a stimulating space where the baby can interact, play, touch, and feel.

When the child is older than the first two years, he/she can move from a crib to a child’s bed. The Montessori methodology recommends that it be as close to the floor as possible, to avoid falls, and allow the child to enter and exit in a way that does not depend on an adult.

To give more security to the little ones on the bed, you can resort to the use of sidebars or a protective fabric braid.

The baby’s room can be the baby’s corner

Although in this post, we always refer to the baby’s room, it is important to emphasize that the little one does not necessarily need to have an environment in the house of his own.
Currently, many families live in compact apartments, or in new formats, such as loft and studio , where the distinction between environments is made in a more fluid way, which can even be very welcome in the baby’s first months of life. almost constantly in contact with parents.

Manuel's baby space. Source: Karol Pinheiro

Manuel’s baby space.

Therefore, the baby’s room can be a little corner of the baby, just a separate space in the house to receive the new member of the family. In this video, journalist Karol Pinheiro shows how she created the so-called “Manu space”, a little corner in her studio apartment to receive her baby, Manuel.

The baby’s space can be easily customized with decor elements such as wall color and cheerful bedding. Even the crib can be a more compact model.

In the baby’s space or room, the focus is not on the dimension of the environment, but on the affection that is configured in it, being a place for new experiences, emotions, and union.