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Bathroom curtain: a functional and stylish item

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The bathroom curtain is a very functional item, essential for those looking for privacy, practicality, and good cost-benefit, and it can even be a stylish item that makes up your bathroom decor.

A widely used item in the United States and Europe, the bathroom curtain is no longer considered old-fashioned. Currently, the market offers several models, resistant materials and prints for all tastes, making the new trend gain more space in bathrooms.

The main advantage of using the item in your bathroom is the economy, as it offers all the amenities of having a shower box, such as protecting the shower area and avoiding splashing in the rest of the room, but at a very low cost.

Another advantage of the bathroom curtain is the privacy it offers ⏤ separating the shower space from the rest of the bathroom ensures privacy when using that area, so the resident has their intimate moments preserved.

It also allows you to choose models, materials, and prints that best suit your personal taste and can become part of your decor. But in addition to being an item that can match your space, the bathroom curtain allows you to change it from time to time, so when you decide to change the face of your room, you can do it without great cost.

How to choose your bathroom curtain?

Bathroom with white tiles, gold metals and white bathroom curtain with black leaf print.

Bathroom curtain, an essential item for those looking for something functional and stylish for decoration. Source: Pinterest

When choosing your bathroom curtain, some criteria guarantee the quality and functionality of the item, so, before making the purchase, always observe the material, size and color.

Currently, there are several types of materials for bathroom curtains, and it is very important to choose carefully considering this criterion, as a quality material can make the difference.

The most popular materials are those that are waterproof or quick-drying, which make the curtain easier to clean on a daily basis. The most recommended material is PCV. Made from plastic, it dries quickly and is easy to clean using a sponge or damp cloth.

But this does not mean that there are no other materials, many curtains are made of fabric, even though it is not the most suitable material, it can be very beautiful in the environment. The tip when using this curtain for the bathroom is to ensure that your room is very well ventilated, so it dries faster and prevents mold or bad smells.

Another criterion that must be observed is the size of the curtain. Ensuring it’s big enough in width and height prevents water from leaking out and splashing through the rest of your bathroom, so always measure the space before you buy.

And the last criterion to be considered when buying a bathroom curtain is its color. Choose shades that match your space or prints that you like, so they will match your environment and add to the decor.

The different models of bathroom curtains

As a functional item that can be part of your decor, the bathroom curtain can have different models, with different colors, patterns and even textures. Check out 14 model inspirations and how to use them.

The grid is always on the rise

Checkered pattern with gray background.

The environment in light tones and touches of gray goes very well with the checkered bathroom curtain ; the simple design with straight lines resembles the tile and its color matches the back wall in the shower area.

Thus, the curtain manages to compose the decoration and play its main role, that of bringing functionality to everyday life. This very well-composed environment can be an inspiration for you who prefer something more discreet, which doesn’t stand out with a flashy print.

Bathroom curtain with a timeless print

Bathroom curtain with geometric print.

This geometric print bathroom curtain has a light background and navy blue designs. It is an item that makes up the bathroom environment very well, following the line of light tones and few elements.

The print is ideal for those looking for a decor item that is easy to match, timeless and with soft colors. If your style is more discreet and your decor is in softer tones, choose this type of print and your space will be elegant and charming.

The basics can be elegant

Simple pattern with checkered and blank background.

If you’re still not convinced that bathroom curtains are for you, this may change your mind. The white curtain with a discreet checkered design is a functional and practical element for your bathroom environment.

Very easy to combine, it follows the other simple elements of the decoration and creates a peaceful space for your intimate moments. If you prefer a more monochromatic environment, the tip is to bet on single-color curtains, so you can take the main color and use it without fear in the bathroom.

A charming touch of neutral in a bathroom curtain

Bathroom curtain in gray and white with stripes.

With blue walls, wooden floors and light elements, this bathroom is even more elegant when we add the gray and white striped curtain. The cotton model resembles a tapestry, bringing a different texture to the environment.

This type of bathroom curtain should only be used when there are large openings in the bathroom that allow ventilation and, thus, the curtain does not stay wet for a long time, avoiding mold and unpleasant smells.

A colorful one without exaggerations

Pattern with colored asymmetrical designs and white background.

For those who love colors but are afraid of making mistakes in combinations, this white curtain with colorful designs is ideal. With easy-to-compose colors and white background, it doesn’t leave the environment full of information, allowing for a simpler line.

If your bathroom has a lot of white elements or a single color, using this model of curtain makes the space come alive and deviate a little from the standard of decoration.

Lots of prints even on bathroom curtains

Curtain with orange print and leaves, a possibility to add decoration.

The vibrant print curtain with orange and leaf designs attracts the eye and becomes the main element of the space’s decoration. This model of the curtain is for more daring people, who like vibrant and flashy decorations.

To combine better, choose to use very patterned models, when your bathroom is composed of more neutral and white tones, making the combination easier. The tip is to choose a model in your favorite color and with a print that follows a pattern, so the environment won’t be too heavy.

Using flowers

Bathroom curtain with floral print, with yellow and gray flowers in different shades.

The floral print bathroom curtain is for those who love flowers and, at the same time, do not want a print that stands out so much in the environment. Flower designs are always elegant and, when combined with muted colors like gray and yellow, add more charm to the decor.

For the environment not to get too loaded, choose this model when your bathroom has few dark items and, preferably, the walls are light, so everything will be brighter and more charming.

Vegetation-themed bathroom curtain

Pattern with foliage and white background.

If you are looking for a decorative object that gives the feeling of nature and creates a relaxing and peaceful environment for your intimate moments, the bathroom curtain with a greenery print is ideal for you.

When combined in spaces with light decoration, the print’s foliage stands out and adds color, bringing a natural atmosphere, without necessarily needing a real plant in the environment.

The boho is high

Bathroom curtain with boho print, in blue and yellow tones.

Combined with lighter elements, the boho-print bathroom curtain adds a touch of color and keeps the ambiance very relaxing and pleasant. This print follows the tribal inspiration with mandalas in shades of blue, white and yellow.

The boho curtain style blends very well with more natural elements such as wood and straw, and with softer colors such as white and beige tones. You can even bet on flowers to compose this decoration in your bathroom.

Fruits go great with bathroom curtains

Fruits and leaves pattern and white background.

Have you thought about using fruit in the decoration? This fruit-patterned bathroom curtain does just that, creating a standout element and adding a vibrant and cheerful touch to the entire room.

The option is for those who like to be daring. This curtain can be combined with more neutral elements and natural materials, such as wood and straw, in order not to be such a heavy environment. But the decoration elements can also be combined with the shades of the curtain itself and even present the fruits in the decoration, such as fruit-shaped rugs.

Printed only on the top

Bathroom curtain with foliage print on top.

If you like prints, but think it can be a little heavy in the room, the bathroom curtain with foliage print only on the top may be for you looking for something easy to match.

This model allows the print to be concentrated in a part of the curtain and, when combined with the neutral background, allows the print to be very light and easy to compose in the decoration.

Looking like spring in the bathroom curtain

Pattern with various flowers and foliage on white background.

Spring is a season that will always be associated with flowers and vegetation, fresh smells, and calm. So why not adopt this mood for your bathroom? If you are looking for relaxing air for your intimate moments, look for floral prints with vegetation.

The tip is to look for curtains with floral print and a neutral background, without patterned and large designs, so it’s easier to match and will give a charming and calm air to your bathroom, without weighing down the decor.

For the little ones

Bathroom curtain with navy blue background and whale print, a fun option to use in the shower stall.

If you are looking for more fun and childish print, the ideal is to bet on animal print bathroom curtains. Combined with other elements of the space, the curtain can create a fun atmosphere for the children’s baths, so this moment is more fun for everyone.

The whale print with a navy-blue background, used in the bathroom above, left a more relaxed atmosphere in the environment but manages to keep the decor neutral, which can be composed with more elements.

The transparency detail in the bathroom curtain

Transparent curtain, a possibility that makes the environment clearer.

The transparent bathroom curtain is a very controversial item for many, as it no longer plays one of its main roles, providing privacy. But it’s an interesting element that, when combined with neutral tones and natural materials, creates a very elegant space.

To use this curtain, opt for non-shared spaces, always prefer to use it in the suite’s bathrooms, so you avoid possible embarrassments during your shower.

A functional and decorative solution

With so many options of models applied to the environment, you were able to see the most diverse uses of the bathroom curtain, which, in addition to composing the decoration, is an economical item for those looking for practicality and functionality.

Do you think bathroom curtains are for you? Do you want to know a little more how to combine or enhance your bathroom decor with them? Check out our full content on decorating tips!