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Boiserie: what it is and how to use it in your home decor

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Maybe you don’t know what boiserie is, but you’ve certainly seen it at some point and been impressed by the beauty of this covering, also called wall framing.

Boiserie is a great decoration option that combines elegance and simplicity, through its technique made with moldings or wooden panels glued to the surfaces.

Check out what boiserie is and how to use it to decorate your walls.

What is Boiserie?

Rectangular boiseries in an environment of light colors such as white, light pink and gray. The use of boiserie contributes to the decoration of the environment.

The boiserie is a typical French coating, used since the 17th and 18th centuries, mainly by royalty, with a strong influence from the Rococo artistic movement. Its application and technique consist of decorating the walls, framing them.

Widely used today, in addition to bringing elegance, warmth, beauty and sophistication to the environments, the boiserie was also widely used in the past because it contributes to acoustic and thermal insulation.

Also popularly known as “wall-mounted frames”, the boiserie may seem complicated because of its French name (the pronunciation is easier than it sounds: “boiserie”), but it’s with a simple touch that makes all the difference in rooms.

How is the boiserie made?

Rectangular boiseries in bicolor wall: dark green and white.

There are boiseries of different materials and the finish makes all the difference. Source: Pinterest

Boiseries are applied to the walls as if surrounding invisible frames on the surfaces. In the past, wood was the material chosen for the technique, however, nowadays, there are other materials, such as: plaster, cement, polyurethane and even Styrofoam, with wood and plaster being the most traditional.

However, each material has its own characteristics, different applications, price, durability and features, so it is important to find out what is the best type for a given environment.

See below for some details on the different types of material for boiserie.

Wooden boiserie

Square frames on a light green colored wall.

You can adapt the use of the boiserie to the decoration of each room.

The version made with wood is the most classic, being the first and also, for a long time, a favorite of the French, being painted in the same shade as the wall. After a while, it stopped being used because its maintenance was a little more laborious, after all, wood requires more attention and specific care.

Plaster boiserie

Plaster adds a more classic tone to the white and simply decorated room.

Plaster gives a more classic tone to the room.

The plaster version is one of the most common, due to its cost-effectiveness, after all, it is more accessible. In addition, the plaster boiserie makes the decor more sophisticated; for this reason, its finish needs to be even more precise. For this option, acrylic paint is the best choice, making the finish more resistant and elegant.

Polyurethane Boiserie

Boiserie applied to the wall of a bathroom.

Boiserie can also be applied to bathroom walls.

The polyurethane boiserie has gained many followers, as it can be used in humid or warmer environments, such as bathrooms. In addition, its installation is quick and there are several models of this material on the market.

Boiserie, where to buy

You can buy boiseries at home and construction stores, where you can find ready-made moldings of different materials, such as wood or plaster, which can be finished at home.

The finishing of the boiseries is done through dyeing.

Finishing the application of the boiserie. Source: Every pixel

In addition, there are many competent and dedicated professionals who can help you. Thus, you can hire a bricklayer who can help you choose and apply the technique.

Boiserie price

As there are different types of materials and different sizes available on the market, prices can vary a lot.

Frame in white colors with very sophisticated golden ornaments.

The use of gold gives a lot of sophistication to the decoration.

Ready-made plaster moldings, for example, cost from R$ 60 to R$ 120 reais in large establishments.

Also, it is important to calculate the cost of the extra materials you will need to purchase to make the application.

How to apply the boiserie?

First, it is very important to plan:

  • In which room?
  • Where will the boiseries be applied? On the walls? In the closets? Around the mirrors?
  • Which style of decoration of the environment chosen for the application?
  • What size?
  • What color will be chosen?
  • What paint will be used in the finish?
  • What materials will be used in the application?
  • What are the measurements of the frames that will be applied?

Step by step application of boiserie on walls

Check out the step-by-step instructions on how to apply the boiseries on the walls.

Materials needed to apply the boiseries. The materials needed to apply the boiseries can be easily found at building supply stores. Source: Live

1. Set aside the necessary materials. Are they:

  • wall frames;
  • Special glue for walls;
  • Glue applicator;
  • Ruler;
  • Cutting box for frames;
  • Measuring tape or measuring tape;
  • Level;
  • Cutting saw;
  • Pencil;
  • sandpaper;
  • Masking tape to support the frame.

2. Measure the frame sizes and, with the help of a pencil, write down on the back of the smaller frames and after the larger frames;

3. With the measuring tape or the level, you can make light marks on the walls to know exactly where you will fix your boiseries;

4. With the cutting saw and with the help of the cutting box, adjust the sizes of the frames according to the proposed measures;

First part of the step-by-step application of the boiserie. Be patient and apply calmly. Source: Live

5. Do a test mount on the floor to verify that the frame sizes are correct, then cut any remaining corners. Be careful to keep everything straight and in proportion;

6. Apply glue to the sketch made with pencil on the wall, with the help of the applicator and without excesses. Take the opportunity to use a ruler as a support to ensure the boiseries are straight. Pay attention to paste everything as proposed;

7. Hold the frames for a few minutes, just to make sure everything is fixed. You can also use some masking tape to hold them while the glue dries;

8. Fill the corners of the frames with a little spackle and finish with sandpaper. Thus, the boiseries can now receive the ink.

Last part of the step-by-step application of the boiserie. The final result of applying the boiserie will surprise you. Source: Live

To ensure a good result, plan ahead and always opt for the harmony and comfort of the chosen location. In addition, it is very important to make choices that will match the style of decoration that you like the most, after all, it is your home.

How to clean boiserie?

To ensure a good cleaning that does not damage the coating, it is important to understand the materials used, as the type of cleaning depends on the material used in the boiseries.

If in doubt, you can opt for the classic and safe method of using a soft cloth, neutral soap and cold water to clean the coating with gentle movements.


Choose to do a gentle cleaning.

It is very important to avoid soaking the frames, as this can cause swelling, stains and damage to the frame. With the proper care at the time of cleaning, it is possible to guarantee a beautiful and pleasant decoration.

Boiserie decoration

Boiserie is a coating that transforms the space in a simple but also very sophisticated way. For this reason, it is a great decoration option, as it contributes a more classic air to spaces.

It can be used in living rooms, bedrooms and even in bathrooms, it is possible to make interesting combinations combining the flooring with the style of each room. Also, there is no standard color to use them, so let your creativity flow.

Boiserie in dark coral tone, in square and rectangular shapes.

Warm tones also go well with boiseries.

Still, there are tips to combine styles and avoid overloading environments with too much information.

It is possible to link more modern models, through geometric formats such as rectangles and squares, with straighter and simpler lines, without excesses.

The modern touch can also be done through colors : add geometric shapes to a wall with strong, vibrant colors.

Boiserie lead, with a pattern with different geometric shapes.

The use of geometric shapes gives a more cool touch to the decor

For a more classic proposal, invest in boiseries in the same color as the wall where they will be applied, this way you keep a cleaner environment, avoiding excessive details. Using more rounded edges and arabesque patterns also add a more classic feel to the space. Then, just focus on a more classic or even vintage decor.

And to avoid flattening the environments, it is very important to observe the height of the property’s ceiling height, that is, it is better to invest in the technique in apartments with the highest ceiling.

For houses with lower ceilings, a good option is to opt for those boiseries that do not go to the ceiling or, for that matter, the half-wall ones.

Boiserie in the room

The room in cream color, with minimalist decor and a classic touch, takes on a special tone. The room gets a special touch with the boiseries.

Whether in the living room or the dining room, to guarantee more modernity to the rooms, the pictures with boiseries are good options and provide a more relaxed and original air to the environments.

If you want a more contemporary touch, combine the elegance of the boiseries with the use of objects, lamps, furniture and rugs in the decoration.

For a more classic effect, opt for arabesques and golden colors in the finishes.

Boiserie in the room

Minimalist frame inside the boiserie, decorating a room in light tones.

How about adding a frame inside the boiserie?

Boiseries can also be used in more private environments in the house, such as bedrooms.

The use of this coating on the headboards of the beds, so that the boiserie is behind the bed, instead of the headboard, is a great option.

Furthermore, this use is highly recommended for those looking for a more classic style. Even so, the technique can also be used on other walls in the room, ensuring elegance and modernity, according to the chosen colors or decoration.

Boiserie at the head of the bed. The use of the boiserie at the headboard transforms the decor.

It is also possible to use the boiseries in cabinets without texture on the doors, finished in acrylic paint, to guarantee the resistance of the coating.

Boiserie in the bathroom

Boiserie in dark blue color.

The stronger colors contrast very well with the classic touch in the decor. Source: Pinterest

It does not stop there! Boiseries are not exclusive to bedrooms and living rooms, as they can also be used in other rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

And because it is warmer and more humid environments, the most suitable is to use polyurethane boiseries, with acrylic paint finish, to ensure durability.