Business Practices

Professional Practices & Quality

Every project is unique; every ownership group has different styles and preferences. What doesn’t change from project to project is the professionalism and quality of work that our clients and contractors receive from us.  Regardless of the scope, every project receives professional documents and specifications. This is not just a benefit for our clients, but necessary to maintain the quality that we expect of our company.  When a project follows our design parameters and documentation, it ensures that it will be inline with our clients’ expectations as well.

Design not Design-Build

Separating design from build means that our client has more people advocating for their vision. As your designer, we become well acquainted with your business and renovation goals. Throughout design and construction, we are looking out for your best interest and are stewards of your budget.  We provide a valuable resource to your contractors, and other consultants. Likewise, the general contractor, and other trades involved are also looking out for your best interests; each one an advocate for your project.  Our clients benefit from the knowledge we gain from the broad cross section that we experience with each project.  The bottom line is that our clients receive better service.  For this reason, we will always be a design firm, not design build.

Partners in your Vision

We are in this line of work because we like to see the hospitality business thrive.  Our clients see us as long term partners sharing their vision and goals for the property.  Sometimes a goal takes years and multiple phases to achieve.  Whatever the goal and road you are on, if we join you, we will be there from beginning to end.  We will support your company and help your investment grow.