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How to Care for Granite Counters

How to Care for Granite Counters

Granite has evolved from a design trend to a staple in many homes. This stone has a variety of aesthetics that fit with any style. Granite is also durable, heat resistant, semi-resistant to bacteria, and water resistant. This stone is a perfect fit for every lifestyle but does require minimal care.

Granite Countertop

Don’t Over Think It

One of the benefits of granite is no specialized cleaners are required for day to day use. Good old-fashioned soap and water work great for a quick wipe down. If a crazy mess happens and you feel the need for a deep clean, use a cleaner with a neutral pH balance instead of bleach or products with ammonia. Soap tends to leave a have like finish on stone overtime if continuously scrubbed in. Cleaners that contain chemicals tend to erode the surface of the stone over time. Granite cleaners are easy to come by at most local home improvement stores. Granite Gold is one brand that is designed for granite, streak-free, does not smell of strong chemicals, and safe to use on surfaces for food prep.

Cleaning Granite

Seal it Up

All natural stone slabs contain tiny cracks and fractures. Normally they would not pose any threat. Overtime stains, germs, and food particles may begin to collect. This is why re-sealing your granite countertop roughly every six months is important for its longevity.  There are two types of sealers, those that are applied semi-regularly and those that are permanent.



Sealed Vs Unsealed Granite




Clean Spills Quickly

Another reason why a good seal is important on granite countertops is to prevent stains and liquid from penetrating the stone. Once this happens to repair your granite countertop is costly and time-consuming. The best way to prevent liquid seeping inside is to wipe it up immediately, in case your seal is at the end of its life.


Wine will Stain your Counter

Use a Cutting Board

Having a big beautiful rock as a countertop seems like a durable spot for food prep.  Granite will dull your knife blade resulting in extra maintenance and replacements of a critical tool for any at home chef. So think twice before you chop!


Use your Cutting Board



Know your Resources

Life happens, chips and scratches are a normal part of wear and tear. This is an easy fix that you could tackle at home with supplies from the store. Thick super glue will easily hide any chip and protect the area from further damage. If you chip is larger than a dime, its time to call a professional. Professional use a special type of epoxy that is mixed with color to match your specific color of granite.

Chipped Granite

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