How to Train Drapery

The aesthetic of your home in many ways is a visual representation of you. It shows off your personality, interests, preferences. Your guests will notice the color, pattern, shape, accessories, and era you prefer to surround yourself with. This level of detail is a long-term investment and deserves the utmost care. Drapery is no exception….

Handmade Walls

Handmade You don’t hear (or see) too much about handmade walls, but they’re out there. We are using pictured faux finish wall treatment for a client’s bedroom. It is a handcrafted Marrakesh Trellis on Venetian Plaster. This beautiful wall will be installed by Sisu Painting. It is a finish that delights the eye no matter the…

Master Suite

Master Suite There is a psychology to color. A simple explanation of red would be passion, while pink is used for romance. There are ways to achieve romance and passion without using icons or drenching the room in paint. Instead, create a nest in your master suite. Add in color from the red family and something…