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Good interior design doesn’t just look appealing, it makes you feel good too. There are many nuances that affect the way humans experience the built environment, keeping track is a job in itself. That’s why you have interior designers like us who write blogs and explain all this amazing information.  Today’s blog post is about how our circadian rhythm is affected positively and negatively by interior lights. We didn’t forget some easy tricks to ensure your lighting supports a healthy lifestyle.

Circadian what?

So first off, you’re probably wondering what your circadian rhythm is and why you should care. The easiest way to think about it is you “body clock”. It is the cycle that tells us when to wake up, eat, sleep, and repeat. Our circadian rhythm is affected largely by light and temperature.


Circadian Rhythm
Interior lighting that mimics the cycle of daylight color temperatures


There are two colors of light that rule our circadian rhythm, cool blue light and warm yellow light. You are exposed to blue light from your devices and LED light bulbs. It’s also the rich blue light we see from the sun and is an incredibly beneficial way to energizes our body. But when our circadian rhythm is telling our body to rest, blue light from your phone or your bedside lamp is waking you up.




Circadian Rhythm
Natural Cool Blue Light



Warm yellow light is what we absorb just before the sun sets, telling our circadian rhythm it’s time to rest. This type of light is best for a bedside lamp or a night light. It won’t negatively impact our sleep cycle.


Circadian Rhythm
Warm Natural Light


Long-term circadian rhythm disruption is connected to a variety of health concerns like fatigue, cancer, obesity, diabetes, depression, mood and sleep disorders, reduced physical and mental performance, reduced productivity and irritability.

Making the change

The big question remains, how to keep a healthy circadian rhythm that supports your overall health. Your phone is actually the easiest thing to fix. Most smartphones have a setting that will switch your phone to yellow light during the evening. Another inexpensive fix is to use LED bulbs in your general living space such as living room, kitchen, and dining room. While using incandescent bulbs with a color temperature of 2700K in your bedroom. If you are looking for an all inclusive and customizable solution, it is possible to create a lighting system on a timer that will change the color of light in your space depending on the time of day.




Circadian Rhythm


What’s already happening

The power of a healthy circadian rhythm is being put to the test across healthcare facilities nationwide and passing with flying colors. One example of a success story is the intensive care unit at Aarhus University Hospital. Patients have seen improvement in the quality and amount of sleep, thus resulting in less confusion and a better attitude the next morning. Ultimately contributing to quicker, less stressful rehabilitation.


Circadian Rhythm
ACC Care Center’s circadian Rhythm Lighting

Lighting may not seem like a huge concern, but we believe at Ida York Design Group that your home should support your health in every way possible. Thanks for reading our blog about circadian rhythm lighting. If you have any suggestions for a blog post, questions, or comments please email