Design Services

Business has more than doubled since the remodel, we cannot thank you enough.”

We offer many options for design services ranging from a model room, to food service, and the entire hotel. We can provide the overall design or specific, in-part elements as needed.  Unlike many design firms, we do not have a project minimum.  Once we review your parameters, we can determine if our services and company are the right fit for your project.

Guest Room and Model Room Design

Design a new custom space plan or refresh the existing space plan for your guest rooms-new design goes along way with reviews.  We help you by selecting finishes that are innovative, stylish and durable.  We will select and specify as much FF&E as you require. We always recommend completing one model room prior to installing all rooms.

Food Service Design

Bar, Restaurant, and lounge designs and remodels that we have been involved in, have seen sales increase by more then 110%.   Ida York started her career in food service design-so it holds a special place around our office.  We call it our “bread and butter”.

These projects can be especially fun as involvement usually includes the graphic design team and head chef.  It’s dynamic design and it can make a huge impact to your property.  We aim to create a cohesive design based on the new concept and fare.

Lobby, Corridor & Elevator

Every owner knows how important the lobby can be to first impressions, but don’t forget about the corridors and elevators.  We help our clients include these spaces into their branding.  It’s creative and rewarding design work that tells your guests that your property is well cared for.

Conference Room

Increase your customer interest by updating or adding conference space. We work with AV contractors to create the space that your guest need today.  Conference rooms draw guests to your hotel.  Renovating a conference room puts a used-to-be dated space back on the radar of today’s guest.

Procurement Service

Why should your designer procure for you?  First, we know and understand your vision and the final space parameters. If an issue arises with say, discontinued FF&E, we can find replacements that support the design properly.  The second reason our clients prefer that we procure for them is because our services are the same as a procurement firm.  We too have vendor and manufacture relationships that we have built over time, we deliver reports and updates, and we will be onsite during installation.


Design services: blueprints in black and yellow

Getting Started

We always begin with a face to face meeting.  You will tell us your ideas and we will listen.   We want to know your goals and inspiration.  We will ask to see any blueprints or photos you may have.  We need to get to know you and your project. After our initial meeting, we will create a Proposal for you for design services.

Cost of Service

We operate from a design fee during the design process and hourly during procurement and management .  This way our clients can budget our services accordingly.  Our fee is based on the scope of the project and the design work involved. Our experience with completed projects helps us determine the time and resources it will take to professionally complete your project. The specific scope of work to be performed and the design fee are defined in our Proposal and Letter of Agreement.

Design Timeline

The timeline can vary according to the complexity of the job, however, in most cases we will present a preliminary presentation within three to four weeks. The final design is completed in the next three to four weeks, followed by final documentation and budgets within two to six weeks. Those times are average estimates and each phase can be be completed quickly if the need arises.

Trade and Service Recommendations

We can recommend contractors with whom we have built solid relationships over years and many projects. We also work closely with architects and engineers should the scope of work require those disciplines. Collaboration is the most effective way to ensure your design vision is shared among all of your consultants from beginning to end. We encourage our clients to consider assembling the team before design begins.