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Discover creative bathroom decor ideas

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Often underestimated, bathroom decor is essential not only for the room’s aesthetics but also for the comfort of the residents. Check out tips for decorating the environment.

In the past, the bathroom was one of the least explored rooms in the house, especially when it came to decoration. However, this scenario has changed over time. Currently, bathroom decoration is one of the main focuses of residents, as it contributes to the aesthetics of the environment and people’s comfort.

If you’re moving to a new property or want to redecorate your rooms, you need to know some bathroom decorating tips. As much as the environment is one of the smallest in the residence, it deserves special attention.

For bathroom decorating to be a simple task, read on. In this text, you will check:

  • The main decorative styles;
  • Bathroom decor ideas;
  • Bonus: YouTube channel referrals about decor.

The main decorative styles

Before starting the decoration for the bathroom and other rooms in the house, such as the living room , it is important that you know and chooses a decorative style that you want to follow. For this, check out the list below, which shows some of the main trends:

Rustic decor

Contrary to what many people think, rustic decor is not restricted to rural environments. Quite the contrary: the trend is becoming more popular in large urban centers every day.

This is mainly because people want to establish links with nature, even in big cities. And this is exactly one of the main characteristics of rustic decoration.

Room with rustic decor, marked by the use of natural elements such as wood, a great choice for bathroom decor. The rustic decoration is a style marked by the use of natural elements. Source: Canvas

The style is also marked by the use of furniture and decorative objects made with natural elements, such as wood and bamboo. In most cases, items do not have finishes and, when they do, they are purposely not well-finished.

Scandinavian decor

The Scandinavian decoration, in turn, aims to provide sobriety and coziness to the rooms. The style is related to the minimalist trend and, therefore, establishes that environments should have as little furniture and decorative objects as possible.

The use of neutral colors and colors related to nature is one of the main features of Scandinavian decor. Therefore, it is common for environments to have walls in white or beige and, to complement, decorative objects in green and brown tones.

Another important aspect of Scandinavian decoration is the presence of plants ⏤ without flowers, in most cases. So, if you choose this trend, don’t forget to include some species in your bathroom decor.

Industrial decoration

The industrial decoration makes reference to an extremely modern style and receives this name because it arose from the need of people who installed themselves in warehouses in the United States, which were previously used by large factories.

Properties that follow the industrial trend are marked by the presence of brick and concrete coverings, as well as exposed pipes, furniture, and decorative items made of wood and, of course, metal.

Taking its inspiration from the abandoned sheds of large factories, the industrial decoration features large and open spaces, which generally receive a good amount of solar lighting.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Seeking inspiration and references to decorate a room is a fundamental step for a good result. So, see below some bathroom decorating tips and get inspired:

Invest in a good paint job

If you’re going to decorate or redecorate your bathroom, you can start with the walls. In the room, it is possible to invest in a good painting or even in tiles and tiles. The choice of flooring will depend on the decorative style you choose for the room or for the property as a whole.

Wall facing imitating white bricks, decorated with plants and white and blue tablecloths. Make the most of the elements and play with colors and textures. Source: Canvas

In general, the main indication is to invest in paintings – or tiles – in light tones, which convey comfort and convenience. If you wish, it is possible to complement a point on the wall with a colored detail.

Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to the balance of the environment. Create a sober room and, for that, try not to exaggerate color tones, especially on walls and decorative objects.

Lighting is key

The lighting is a key factor in the decoration of the bathroom. In fact, it is responsible for determining the good aesthetics and comfort of any room in the house, even if it is forgotten by many residents when decorating the spaces.

So, the main tip is to invest in good lighting in the bathroom. For this, it is important to install several light points in the room, especially near the mirror, because many people use the place to get ready, makeup, among others.

A good tip is to opt for LED lamps, Light Emitting Diode, which, despite being more expensive, last much longer than fluorescent lamps and, therefore, have an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Bet on niches and shelves

The niches and shelves are true key pieces for the decoration of every room in the property, especially the bathroom. In addition to being useful for the organization of space, they are pieces that contribute to the aesthetics of the environment.

The good news about niches and shelves is that they are installed on the walls and therefore do not compromise the room area.

Bathroom with wooden niches built into the wall, which work as a support and decoration for the bathroom, ensuring more space. The niches provide elegance and organization to the bathroom décor.

Furthermore, it is important to emphasize that there are several models and formats of niches and shelves, and the choice of the ideal piece depends on your preference and the selected decorative style.

In bathrooms, it is common for niches and shelves to be placed inside the box, especially because they serve as support for personal hygiene items, such as shampoos and soaps.

However, bathroom decor also allows pieces to be placed outside the shower stall, especially near the sink and mirror.

Plants can transform the room

Who said that plants should be restricted to living rooms and bedrooms? In fact, species can also be part of bathroom decor. In addition to providing harmony and elegance to the room, they contribute to the quality of life of the residents.

According to color psychology, green – in its different shades – conveys tranquility, balance and serenity, which is a benefit, especially for residents who use the bathroom to relax.

For this, it is important to choose the correct species, that is, plants capable of adapting to the bathroom, which is usually a place that is poorly lit by the sun and, in a certain way, stuffy. The main species recommended for bathroom decoration are:

  • Aloe vera (also known as aloe vera);
  • Zamioculca;
  • Peace lily;
  • Fern;
  • Peperomia (also known as cat’s tail);
  • Sword-of-Saint-Jorge.

Think about the aromas of the environment

The good decoration of a room also depends on the organization and cleanliness, and these issues become even more evident in bathrooms. Therefore, it is essential that the room is always clean and fragrant.

For this, it is possible to invest in aromatic essences, which provide warmth to the environment, making it much more comfortable for residents. The good news is that there are several ways to make the room fragrant.

Plant over white bathroom sink as a decoration for bathroom.

Aromatic candles, soaps and diffusers are just some of the options for those who want to keep their bathroom always clean, organized and, above all, fragrant and cozy.

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Bonus: YouTube channel referrals about decor

If you want to know more about bathroom decoration ⏤ and also about the decoration of other rooms in the house or apartment ⏤, you can access various contents on the subject on the internet.

Videos are great ways to learn about decor and interior design, so below are some indications of YouTube channels that address these topics:

Dome architecture

If you want to renovate your house or just redecorate some rooms, you’ll like to get to know the Doma Arquitetura channel. In the videos, the architect Patrícia Pomerantzeff provides tips that range from organizing the work to selecting the objects that will make up the decoration.

In addition, the professional shares some of her projects on the channel, so you can be inspired to decorate your home or apartment.

You organize

If, in addition to decoration, the organization is an important aspect for you, the Tu Organizas channel, by Nina Braz, can help you.

In the videos, the presenter gives several tips on how to leave the property completely in order and, for that, she shows creative solutions, which can be made with materials you already have at home.

Paula Stephania

If you don’t give up learning about new decorating trends and, at the same time, like to produce your own decorative objects, you need to get to know Paula Stephânia’s channel.

In the videos, the presenter usually shows the step-by-step production of items for the decoration of real estate. In addition, the channel is full of content that teaches internet users to reuse various materials that would otherwise go to waste.

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