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Avoid a DIY Debacle, Part 2

Cold Sweating Appliances

It is a wonderful, sunny Saturday afternoon. You’ve spent most of the day in your garden, loving on your plants and enjoying that little slice of nature right at home. But it is hot today, and you’ve worked up a thirst that needs quenching. Heading inside, you grab a glass from your beautiful cabinets, recently installed during a full kitchen remodel (that you did yourself!), and proceed to bring your cup to the water dispenser in your brand new refrigerator… Except you don’t have a refrigerator. There isn’t even space for one! What is going on here?!

While it is unlikely that you would forget to install a refrigerator, it turns out forgetting appliances is not uncommon. When you don’t have an experienced designer looking over the project, the oddest things can happen. Sometimes it’s not even about forgetting: just a hard choice given the options a DIYer is aware of. The most functional room in your house suddenly can have a huge problem.

One of the areas a professional design team takes very seriously is the functionality of the space they are designing. This includes how the space will be used and what it takes to maximize that functionality. You won’t get far in functional design without the appliances needed to do what kitchens do best: food! Having a designer looking out for your project is an excellent safeguard against forgetting appliances.

Avoid Cold Soup

At Ida York Design Group, we help clients with similar issues. Brand new kitchen, designed by the homeowners, executed pretty well, lacking a microwave. Or, the design need was for more counter space so they chose to forego a range, thinking a microwave and an oven would cut it. We have seen DIYers forget to include a place for the refrigerator (but they bought one) so they had to put it on the porch.

Even if space is at a premium, a professional design team can help you minimize some of the “tradeoffs” you feel you have to make. At IYDG, we make sure to come up with solutions to problems before they even happen so you can enjoy the finished project that you envisioned, in a space that is both functional, beautiful, and yours!


Thinking of redoing your kitchen? We can help; from appliance choices and color schemes to full remodels and construction management. Give us a call or shoot us an email so we can help make sure you don’t have the “feature” of a porch refrigerator. 503.688.9499 or

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