Go Bold.. Go Red!

Guest Bedroom Redesign

Guest Bedroom Perspective Render by Anne Lien. 2012.

At one point in time, this room was part of a large one-bedroom on the second floor of a local clients home located in the Irvington District. Now the space is used as a storage room. The clients are now ready for a redesign where guests can stay the night in this additional bedroom!

This room was designed to have custom built shelving to store any items and goodies (e.g. crafts) hidden from the entrance. Playing with various textures, a patterned wool rug mixed with the linen bedding, and natural woods found in the head board and night stands are chosen.

Splashes of red in the furniture selection and lighting unify this bedroom with other items that are precious to the client. By using a variety of lamps, we are able to light the unique art pieces and pictures on display.

Renovation will take place soon. Stay tuned for before-and-after pictures!

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