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Home party: tips and ideas for celebrating!

Home parties are cozy, intimate, with a totally different atmosphere from celebrations in function rooms. With some special touches, your home can become the ideal environment to receive loved ones.

From birthdays, commemorative dates like Christmas and New Year, even a wedding, all kinds of parties can indeed be made at home! And the best part, besides being totally unique, it’s much cheaper than events on location.

Having family friends at home to celebrate something special is a pleasure for some and a great challenge for others. But do not worry! Preparing a home party can be a lot easier than it sounds!

Transform the house for the party!

The first thing that is important to keep in mind when holding a party at home is: the party house is different from the everyday house. But what does this mean? Simple, the arrangement of furniture and objects for everyday use is not the same to accommodate the needs of a party, so feel free to rearrange furniture, remove inconvenient elements and place items that will facilitate the use of space during the party.

Party at home.

Party at home.

If the idea is to expand the room as much as possible, tables that normally occupy the center of the space, for example, can be removed or placed on the walls. The dining table can become the sideboard for food, and the work table the candy table, for example.

When preparing a party at home, first realize how many people your home holds and think about how to create one or more environments in which they feel comfortable during the party. Having seating for guests to sit is essential; in addition to sofas and armchairs, arrange the chairs at the dining table and improvise puffs with pillows, this, in addition to creating more seats, begins to transform the house into a different and festive place.

Create a festive atmosphere at home

One of the main characteristics of a party is the atmosphere of the environment, so, in addition to the arrangement of furniture and objects, creating a festive and intimate atmosphere is very important when it comes to a party at home.

Intimate home party.

Intimate home party.

Creating this atmosphere may seem too subjective and poetic, in which case, think of the five senses, try to support each one of them with something special that makes you feel comfortable. Think about the look of the space, the lighting, the sound, the smell and even the taste of the space.


Lighting is essential to be worked on when talking about home parties. The space light is something that brings dynamics and personality, so forget about the strong ceiling lamps that you normally turn on.

Invest in elements that create lower and yellowish lighting, as they make the environment more intimate and cozier. Lamps are most welcome; no lamps in the room? Use the ones in the rooms!

Romantic house party.

Romantic dinner.

Decorative lights are also very suitable for parties at home, in addition to, in themselves, already having a festive characteristic, they emit a low light, ideal for this type of event. There are several types of light clothesline, from the traditional ones, with lamps , to the newer ones, which are fine and delicate. A good idea is to combine different types of lights; you can hang them on walls and even put them on furniture.


Who doesn’t have memories of some time or place through the music that was playing?

Well, music invites us to feel certain feelings, it has the power to cheer us up, calm us down, etc., so it is something to consider when having a party at home. Prepare a playlist with songs according to the celebration and the audience, or call that friend who knows everything about music to help you.

But watch out for the volume! Nothing worse than that music that is too loud, as it damages conversations and can disturb the neighbors. The intention here is to create a space to have fun in the best possible way.

Home Party Decor Tips

Decorating home party environments can be much easier than it sounds. Invest in a few flashy elements, so with a few items, you can achieve the festive character you want.

If you like to DIY, this is a great opportunity! Make little flags, ornaments and everything else your imagination wants. In addition to being decorative, these elements bring joy to the space and can be completely customized.

Home party decoration. Source: Math Blog Home party decoration. Source: Math Blog

Flowers are a classic element for party decor ⏤ floral and green arrangements can be easily assembled at home. Before buying the flowers, separate the containers you have at home to calculate the most suitable quantity and sizes.

Decoration with flowers.

Decoration with flowers.

In addition to vases, you can place flowers in vases and bottles of wine and other beverages, resulting in a decor full of style and personality.

Before placing the flowers in the containers, clean the stems and cut the ends, as this allows the flower to absorb more water and keep it longer.

When composing the arrangements, combine colors and species, choose, for example, two tones and mix them up! Foliage is also very welcome, helping to add volume and life to the arrangement.

Home party decoration.

Home party decoration.

Bladders are a symbol of the party and easily decorate the space. Currently, there is a huge diversity of balloons, of various shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Combine different balloons, like two undertones, or patterned and plain, for example.

Birthday party at home: the cake as the star of the party 

If the party at home in question is an anniversary, take advantage of the typical elements of this celebration to compose the environment. The cake can become the star of the party!

Birthday cake. Birthday cake.

Make a stuffed cake and decorate it with fruit, candles or a nice cake topper. Set aside a place from the environment especially to place it. Prepare a special table with fabrics, sweets, flowers, and cake.

Candy table at home party.

Candy table at home party.

Sweets, besides being delicious and easy to be tasted, make up the decoration of the party. If you choose to make brigadiers and kisses at home, invest in colorful and different molds, as they brighten up the sweets table. If you order gourmet sweets, the sweet itself is already a beautiful decoration for the party.

Home party food

Food for home parties varies depending on the time and type of celebration, as well as the age and taste of the guests. However, whatever the reason for the party, foods that do not need dishes are the most practical.
In addition to classic canapés, you can make small sandwiches, bruschetta, cold cuts, and appetizers. Invest in “minis”: mini pizza, mini-hamburger, mini hot dog; besides being cute, they are practical to be savored.

Food for the party at home.

Food for the party at home.

Exquisite food platters differences choose different boards, plates and trays. Place them on a bench, sideboard or table, and, to compose, place a tablecloth or fabrics. Prepare napkins or small plates to help. Furthermore, fruits, flowers and candles make the food table even more special.

Appetizers, such as walnuts, chestnuts, peanuts, toast and pasta, can be placed on low tables, such as the center table, or spread around the house. Thus, the food is easily accessible for guests.

Beverage cart.

Beverage cart.

Set aside a space in the house, a piece of furniture or a bench to be the party bar. Distribute the drinks in jars and bottles, on the side, organize the cups and glasses. The idea is to leave everything ready for guests to help themselves without any problems.

Types of home parties

Home parties can be made of different types, depending on the celebration, the number and age of guests, the time of day, indoors or outdoors. The same house can provide space for various types of parties, ranging from a children’s birthday, a teenage party, a brunch, a formal dinner and so on.

 Stripped home party.

Stripped home party.

Outdoor spaces are very welcome at home parties, pleasant for both day and night events, even more so in summer. On the balcony, terrace, patio or pool area, all can be set for parties. In addition to the interior, decorate the exterior environment as well! Flags and paper ornaments are ideal, as they are not at risk of bursting like balloons. Lights and candles also add a lot of charm to the space.

Dinner can also be held in different ways; Choose your favorite! If you choose a formal dinner, the table will be the center of the party, so decorate it with arrangements, cover it with a special tablecloth or festive placemats. Choose elegant dishes and glasses, and don’t forget the cloth napkins, which add a special touch.

 Festive dinner.

Festive dinner.

But the party at home can also happen with a more casual and laid-back dinner, which, in fact, does not necessarily have to take place at the dinner table at home. Gather friends on the patio for an evening picnic. If you prefer the party to take place indoors, cover the living room floor with rugs, arrange various pillows and make a composition with low tables in the center. An intimate meeting at home can also be a reason for a party!

Themed house party

Themed parties are always very attractive and, yes, they can be done at home! Choose the theme to inspire you to prepare the party, which can be anything from a commemorative date such as Christmas or June party, culture such as Mexican, Japanese, Hawaiian, even a style such as the 60s. Creativity is the limit when the theme is a themed party.

Get in the party mood, choose decorative elements in the theme colors, make themed ornaments and prepare food accordingly. For a complete themed party, guests can come into character, which is always fun.

 Disco themed party.

Disco-themed party.

For dinner with friends, a Mexican party can be a great idea. Decorate the space with warm colors like red, fabrics and flowers. Serve tacos, burritos, nachos and chilli! To amuse the environment, play Mexican music.

Festive spring lunch.

Festive spring lunch.

Celebrating the arrival of the season can also be a great inspiration for a theme party; Spring can be celebrated with a delicious brunch, with fruits & croissants, in a pastel-colored setting. Autumn can be welcomed with a cozy dinner, with cheese and fondue, in an intimate atmosphere decorated in earthy tones.

Choose your favorite theme and get inspired to create a unique and memorable house party!

Count on technology to invite friends no matter where they are

We know that it is sometimes more difficult to gather friends and even the family on the same day and place for a party, especially when they live in different cities and/or cannot attend the event in person.

Virtual birthday. Virtual birthday.

However, nowadays, technology, our ally during many daily activities, can also collaborate to bring people together on special days. Call that far away friend or family member to join the party at home, or create a virtual room and invite everyone to sing happy birthday with you!

We’ve never been so connected as now, affective relationships even for those who are physically far away are within reach of our hands, let’s take advantage of technology to be close and celebrate at home!

It’s time to party! 

Whatever the occasion, it’s always good to have a party at home, create special moments with loved ones and celebrate together.

Prepare the house to receive friends, family, just for those who already live with you, or call friends virtually. Celebrate this moment with lightness and joy, whatever the chosen theme, get into the party atmosphere, and have fun!