Hospitality Design Expo 2013

We’re back and recharged from our trip to Las Vegas! Boy does it feel good to be back in Oregon (except maybe leave out the rain)! There was so much to see in such a short time that we didn’t even get to cover every square foot of the HD Expo. There were a ton of new, fabulous lighting and furniture to be seen and touched; we even overwhelmed ourselves with several bags of fabric samples and catalogs! There were some first time exhibitors and some annual repeats where awards were given out to Best-Branded booth and Award Winning Hospitality Textiles. Shuffling through the halls and getting our name badges scanned to each vendor’s system was very important. Once we made this contact, we were then able to receive information directly from that vendor. We were also able to check out some educational seminars and the most popular highlight, the “Roundable” discussion that lasted almost two hours long. This was where hotel business owners and professionals gathered to answer audience’s questions leading to endless conversations on what to expect in the hospitality design industry. After the long hours of scavenging the 900+ booths and collecting samples from various vendors, we’d then dine at popular restaurants with top notch chefs where we were even more inspired to design high-end restaurants.

We came. We saw. We conquered.
We came. We saw. We conquered.

To conclude, the three days in Vegas was short, but very productive and enjoyable. We had a great time meeting and connecting with some wonderful professionals and business owners. It was really exciting to learn about all the changes that’s going to happen in the hospitality industry. Things are looking brighter and we’re glad to be back in the office!

The show was a huge success and well received, but that’s no surprise with a new location at Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Who know’s what’s in store for next year’s convention..

Please check out our album here for more photos.

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