You are currently viewing How to work from home? Check out 5 tips to succeed at home office!

How to work from home? Check out 5 tips to succeed at home office!

Working from home is what many people want. The achievement of autonomy and the freedom to work their own hours encourages them to think of ways to earn money without leaving their homes.

While the possibility is quite tempting, especially in big cities, it’s not all flowers. After all, to be successful in the home office, it takes a lot of discipline and responsibility.

Do you also have the dream of working from home? Then you are in the right post! Read on and check out 5 essential tips to succeed on this journey and reach a new level in your professional life!

Covid-19 and home office

Many people have switched to remote work due to the pandemic.

Technology and access to the internet have allowed people to work from home – be it undertaking business, being self-employed or even working as a CLT or public servant.

Due to this advance, several functions have emerged that make it possible to work completely online. Many professions could also be modified to be exercised at a distance, despite resistance from companies.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the scenario gained new contours. Social distancing made work in the home environment even more present in the reality of people in different parts of the world.

After all, the coronavirus crisis has made many companies adopt the home office and realize the advantages of the modality – even decreeing the permanent adoption of the home office as a model that can be adopted in the future when the pandemic ends.

This new trend, therefore, is here to stay. And so, it pays to know how to work from home successfully and gain the freedom you’ve always wanted.

What are the ways to work from home?

You can work in a variety of ways from the comfort of your own home. Check out, below, the three most common ways to work professionally at home, with three distinct work regimes:

Self-employed or freelancer

The self-employed or freelancer is one who usually works for projects, without a fixed work relationship. In other words, he is a professional who does not usually have a certain income, as it depends on the number of hours worked or the number of tasks performed.

Despite that, it’s entirely possible to have the financial stability that way – and work from home. This is the case, for example, of copywriters, photographers, designers, social media etc.

Even lawyers, architects and engineers, for example, can adopt the home office, working with much more autonomy and flexibility and without the cost of a physical office, for example.


The entrepreneur starts his own business instead of providing services to third parties. However, that doesn’t stop him from working from home.

The entrepreneur who works in a home office, for example, can be one who:

  • opened an online store for artisan products or sweets;
  • created an entirely online business with blog and info products;
  • opened a virtual company, such as a digital marketing or travel and tourism agency, etc.

The home office, in fact, ends up becoming an important tool to contain costs and increase the possibilities of gain from the business.

CLT employee or public servant

Finally, know that it is possible to work as an employee with a formal contract from your home. There are even companies that hire professionals to perform their services in a remote work format, without the need to go to the office.

Although uncommon, it is also possible to find public servants who have greater freedom to work outside the office. Some of them are usually free to work part of the week at the company and part of their homes.

What are the challenges and advantages of working from home?

Now that you’ve learned about the three most common ways to work remotely, it’s important to understand the benefits and challenges that home offices can bring to these professionals.

Discover some of them below.

Self-employed and freelancers

The advantage of these professionals is, especially, that they are not subordinate to anyone. In addition, the professional is responsible for making their own hours, with greater freedom.

Depending on the job, they can work wherever they want – not just the home office. However, it takes a lot more focus to succeed with teleworking.

After all, the professional himself is responsible for organizing his day-to-day and knowing how to balance work and family without causing damage to any of the areas of his life.


The biggest advantage of being an entrepreneur is being the owner of your own business – and, of course, having the freedom to work from home. The digital entrepreneur, for example, can earn passive income and work the way he wants to – even working his own hours.

On the other hand, this alternative requires a high degree of commitment and responsibility. You need to know how to handle all the burdens and bonuses of your business working from home. That’s because it’s easy to fall into the trap of leaving the company aside to dedicate yourself to your home during your work period.

CLT and servers

The home office can provide facilities for those who work for a company or for the public sector, such as ease (or absence) of commuting, the economy in food, transport, and clothing, the possibility of having a healthier diet, having more time for the family, among others.

However, keeping the home office journey, even with fixed hours, can demand a lot from the professional. It is necessary, for example, to have a specific space to work at home, avoid interruptions and keep the total focus on work.

4 Important Benefits of Working from Home

There are several benefits to doing the job remotely.

So far you have followed some of the advantages and challenges of working remotely, according to the work model adopted. However, there are some specific benefits that every professional who wants to do home office permanently needs to know.

Check out 4 of them below!

1. Happiness

According to a survey conducted by the American company Owl Labs, those who work remotely usually spend more time at work than other professionals who work only in companies. However, home office supporters are usually happier.

Of those interviewed, 71% were happy working from home despite the long working hours. Have you ever imagined a situation like this?

2. Productivity

Productivity also tends to be higher when working from home. After all, the professional manages to produce more in comparison with the time in the office.

One of the main reasons is simple: it is the professional who manages himself. Being alone prevents you from suffering from interruptions and outside interference.

In addition, he tends not to have to deal with various issues that would be commonplace if he only worked in the office. This is the case, for example, with traffic and locomotion wear and tear.

3. Quality of life

Getting more sleep and making your own schedule allows you to make your own routine. The professional does not go through the stress of being late, eats quickly at lunchtime and avoids unnecessary pressure or interruptions from superiors and colleagues.

Flexible hours, when possible, also allow professionals to change their routine whenever they want and have a day or an afternoon off, for example. The quality of life, therefore, is much better.

4. Comfort

Knowing how to deal with self-management, it is possible to work in the most comfortable way. In other words, you can set up your workplace as you prefer, or even change the environment whenever you want.

For example, spending part of the day at work on the couch, another part at the office, and even working from a play area in your home.

The comfort and convenience of exercising the profession at home also often allow you to dress as you prefer and even wear pajamas if you wish.

In spite of that, always keep in mind that it is necessary to deal very well with this type of work so as not to let laziness or routine get in the way of the work.

How to be successful in the home office? See 5 essential tips!

Now that you know everything you need about the home office, regardless of your work model, it’s time to learn 5 essential tips to succeed on this journey.

Check out 5 of them below and put them into practice right now!

  1. Establish a routine: as much as you can make your own schedule, it is interesting to have a routine to produce more in the time you have set for your professional activity;
  2. Have a proper place to work: to avoid interruptions from family members and keep the focus on the service, establish a place to produce;
  3. Set limits: as tempting as it sounds, don’t work all day! Take time to rest, to pay attention to your family and yourself. Respect your limits and don’t do more than you can in one day;
  4. Avoid distractions: keep the email and social media closed, as well as your cell phone away from your computer, if possible, while you are on your work schedule;
  5. Talk to your family members: many family members have difficulty understanding that home office does not mean having free time all day long. Therefore, talk to them and make them understand that when you are in the place you have defined to perform your duties, you will not be able to serve them.

This will make it much easier to take advantage of the home office and avoid problems with remote work – achieving the success and freedom you’ve always wanted!

How to work from home?

If you were interested in working from home, how about now know some activities that allow you to earn money and do home office?

Check out!

Work with digital marketing

Digital marketing is on the rise and can offer several possibilities for those who want to earn money from home. You can, for example, create a blog and/or a YouTube channel and sell your own info products. You can also be affiliated with third-party products.

Affiliate marketing, even, is growing and can be a possibility to work from home, completely online. This alternative is one of the most affordable for those who want to have the freedom to work remotely every day.


If you have manual skills or want to learn a hobby, crafting can be an interesting idea. It is also possible to put the products to sell on social networks and online platforms or even produce to order.

Web editor

Content writers are professionals much in demand to develop work-related to digital marketing. To become one, it is essential to take several courses on SEO, web writing, copywriting, among others.

Fortunately, it is possible to learn a lot from free or low-cost materials on the internet and maintain a good income by working from home.


Making gourmet sweets, fitness or vegan lunchboxes, gourmet breads and even snacks made to order are also alternatives that have been growing lately and make the minds of many who wish to work at home.

If you like to cook, this can be a good way to monetize at home and avoid rental or transportation costs.

Online store

Opening e-commerce, a store, or an online thrift store can be interesting. However, if your objective is to sell physical products, it is essential to know how to control the stock and have a space at home to store the products, in addition to organizing yourself to send orders.

online classes

Anyone who is knowledgeable about a particular subject can teach online and work 100% remotely. Classes can take place via Skype, for example, or from other platforms.

It is also possible to carry out remote consultations. Take advantage of everything that the internet and technology can offer you and get your hands dirty to earn money without leaving your home!

As you’ve noticed, working from home can provide many benefits and opportunities to improve your quality of life. With attention to challenges, commitment and a lot of responsibility, it is possible to adopt the home office and work in the comfort of your home!

Have you ever done a home office? So, leave your comment!

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