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At this time, Ida York Design Group, Inc. is closed.   If you are a friend, client, contractor or product rep., I want to thank you for the years of Design!  It’s been a pleasure working, growing and learning with all of you.   My heart is full of gratitude that you have been part of my life and career.  Thank you!!

I am keeping this website open until I am ready to close it.  Until then, feel free to stop by and check out your favorite projects. 

Bottle + Kitchen at Hotel Rose

Hotel Rose, located in Portland, Oregon, received a complete renovation inside and out. The lower level restaurant was remodeled into a restaurant, bar, and two meeting spaces. The directive, Alice in Wonderland meets Gastro Pub, led to the color, texture, and unique materials which accomplished the vision. The restaurant and bar flooring design were 1 of 5 winners for Interior Design Magazine Product of the Year 2014, in the GLITZ category.


Guest Rooms at Hotel Rose

The new design incorporated the color from the first-floor renovation in the new guestroom and suite.


Meeting Space at Hotel Rose

The meeting spaces are attached to the Bottle+Kitchen restaurant and incorporate many of the colors, textures, and patterns from the neighboring lounge.


Thank you Ida. Business is going well and everyone loves the design. We are getting very good feedback on the décor layout and artwork.  You did an amazing job! Thank you.
Faye, Restaurant Remodel

Deschutes Brewery

Our design challenge for Deschutes Brewery was to create an intricate bar layout that highlighted the brewery and the taps while maintaining an efficient workspace for staff. The windows that look into the brewery show the large stainless steel barrels and our directive was to make a pipe configuration that looked like the beer came straight from the barrels. Thoughtfully placed pipework runs along the entirety of the wall. Above the pipework, antique frames highlight the architectural detail of this historic space. Custom cabinetry intertwined with pipework is an exact fit for Deschutes custom glassware.



The Blu Olive

This popular restaurant is a favorite throughout the Portland area. Blu Olive is a Mediterranean bistro with a flair for contemporary design. Robins Nest Blue, reclaimed wood, metal chairs, handmade tabletops, and polished concrete flooring set the stage for a dining experience with a flavorful and rare dishes. The dining room gathering table and bar were organized to allow patrons to intermingle as they watch the chefs at the open kitchen pull bread directly from the brick oven.



Village at Valley View

Village at Valley View is a memory care facility nestled near the beautiful town of Ashland Oregon. Our interior design furnishings focused on creating a warm, home-like environment for the residents while also providing caregivers with a functional and easy to clean space. Each building is color coordinated to help provide familiarity and wayfinding for residences. Each of the three buildings are secured while also being connected by a meandering garden allowing residence inside and outside access to encourage activity.



Pets on Broadway

Pets on Broadway is located in Northeast Portland in a historic Spanish style building built in 1925. Spanish details such as arches, tile, pediments and corbels decorate the exterior. We chose to accentuate those details in a colorful way that was in line with Pets on Broadway branding. The design needed to feel fun and youthful.  To accomplish this, we integrated colors and textures throughout the exterior with various tile applications. The tile columns on the exterior were designed to resemble the change of color in fish scales as they shimmer and move in the addition to the exterior, we also provided design for the new employee break room. Working within the small footprint of the break room we wanted to create a space where the employees could relax and charge devices. We added outlets to the built-in furniture and a cushioned L-shape booth. This is also the location where the company could provide catered lunches which is common at POB. We added a small kitchenette complete with plenty of outlets for events. The color saturation in the break room was selected to help calm the brain.



University Inn

This 1950’s hotel was recently renovated with a nod to the same era. Zebra custom carpet and window coverings are paired with contemporary furniture and sliding, barn-style doors.



Thailand Restaurant

The original space was twice the size, outdated, and darker than the owner wanted. The goal was to create a rich space with a mix of contemporary and traditional elements. While all of the artwork came from Thailand, we offset the traditional feel with contemporary chairs, table tops, flooring, and lighting. A particular highlight is the rock wall and bar.



 “You have no idea how much I appreciate your creative hard working mind…Love the colors!”
-Varinda, Restaurant Remodel


Groaning Board

Groaning Board is a pub serving British fare on the waterfront in Portland, Oregon. The design incorporates deep color, locally made lighting fixtures, and a bar back made from reclaimed wood and crate boxes.


Bamboo Thai

Previously a nightclub, the owners of this space wanted to be able to accommodate large parties without the 3,800 square feet of dining space becoming overwhelming. There needed to be an elegant bar that felt separate without requiring the use of full walls. To achieve the dream, we gutted the space and started nearly from scratch. Beams were wrapped in rock. Bamboo planters and draperies were added to make it feel less cavernous. The original hardwood floors were refinished. A lounge was created when we redesigned an existing raised area into a comfortable space for seating. The artwork was commissioned for the space and hangs on the walls, shown off by the various light fixtures and fabric textures throughout.


D-Wa Cafe

Formerly a burger shack, the space was transformed into a casual dining experience. The design goal was to create a space where people could feel comfortable sitting for hours while surfing the web or grabbing food to go. With a nod to the local families and the technology company employees in the area, D-Wa even featured a self-service Thai Iced Tea station. The pink elephant, which became the cafe logo, was designed to incorporate that feel of Portland. Even though it is a Thai restaurant, the contemporary finishes, furnishings, and bold, light colors are a contrast to the more traditional Thai restaurant feel.


Second Floor Lounge

The challenge: design a tapas lounge that can be transformed into a nightclub every day. Many of the design elements needed to be stored during the night club’s hours. Before starting, the overall appearance was dark and sexy, but cold. To balance that air, we took inspiration from fire, as flames are warm, alluring, and sultry. We used orange, black, taupe, and graphic designs to bring in warmth while still working with the club’s current design. Privacy panels were added for each booth, and wall sconces and table candles added a warm glow. We hid the DJ booth behind back-lit panels.



 “We are looking forward to working with Ida and her team in the future.”
-Daniel, Restaurant & Night Club Redesign


Preliminary Designs

This is dedicated to projects that are currently under construction or on hold. Sometimes the rendering is all we are approached to provide. These are renderings of various projects or envisioned spaces that we have done over the years.