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Ladies Get Their Own Game Room

The Game Room

Who says the boys get to have all the fun? Why does it always have to be a “Man Cave”? Well we’re here to tell you that the boys can move over for a while. The ladies get their game room, their way!McGuire Card Table game room fabric.

Have you ever dreamed of that perfect nook in your house where you and your girlfriends can chat over glasses of wine? How about a space for you and the kids to play that never ending game of Go Fish without interruption? You could even complete the look with a velvet table and chairs for the classic “card room” look, or lounging pillows and rugs to make a more laid-back setting. So many options to consider, where should you start?

Let’s Begin

A possible first step in creating your perfect lounge space could be as simple as setting the right tone. These black and white, velvet fabrics by Donghia provide the perfect backdrop for a cool space to entertain.

The fabrics were inspired by the creative, hectic, and yet productive scene in the above image. The combination of eclectic and bold themes we had in mind, combined with the accented blue tints provide just the right amount of pop and texture. The velvet contrast keeps the eye interested – exploring for details. We just know your guests (and you!) will love the mix of patterns and colors. Altogether, these elements help create a beautiful space that will leave them talking. More importantly, however, it will leave them excited to come back for the next visit.

Next Steps

McGuire Card Table game room fabric.

Fabrics, textiles, and wall coverings are just a small part of what it can take to create the perfect space. Do you want your own cool card corner? We can work with you to make a suitable area for entertainment and lounging in your own home.

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