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Living room rugs: tips to make the ideal choice

Soft white rug with gray accents

Fabrics are capable of totally modifying the atmosphere of an environment. Living room rugs, for example, are pieces that bring warmth and connect the furniture, giving a feeling of unity.

For every need and objective there is an ideal type of rug, so for your choice to be correct, observe what are the main characteristics of your room.

The rugs in history

Weaving is an ancient activity developed by human beings since the time when there were nomadic tribes in Persia.

Initially, rugs were used as protection in winter, preventing contact with cold floors on dirt.

From then on, the item became popular, being used both for its functionality and for decorative purposes. For this reason, countless options emerged on the market, from handcrafted pieces made to measure to those produced on a large scale.

In addition to being used to cover the floor, the rug helps to reduce the reverberation within the environment, reducing noise and echoes.

For this reason, these pieces can be used elsewhere, on walls, for example, ensuring an environment full of personality.

Living room with carpet on the wall, like a picture. Rugs can also be used on the wall as a decorative element.

Tips for choosing and placing rugs in your living room 

The arrangement of the rug in the environment is very important, after all, the piece must work well with the other furniture in your room, regardless of the chosen format.

The shapes range from square circular to organic, just as the colors and prints are diverse.

With the tips we have separated, you will be able to choose the perfect rug for your living room and understand how to combine it with the aesthetics of the environment.

Know the footage in your room

In living rooms, the sofa should be the guide for choosing the rug, leaving the environment more harmonious and proportional.

The length of the mat should be longer than the sofa, while the width will depend on the distance from the wall or rack.

Having these references, you can already choose the size of the piece considering that some standard carpet measurements are:

  • 1.00 x 1.50;
  • 1.50 x 2.00;
  • 2.00 x 2.50;
  • 2.00 x 3.00;
  • 2.50 x 3.00.

If the footage is very large, you can order custom-made rugs. However, it is also possible to use more than one rug to cover the room you want. In addition to being simple, the overlapping of pieces is an option that is cheaper.

Position the furniture within the area of ​​the rug.

The mat should always be secured so that it does not cause accidents, so ideally the feet of the sofa and other seats are protruding about 20 cm into the area of ​​the mat.

If you prefer, you can buy a much larger rug so that all the furniture is inside the area.

The living room rug should cover the entire area between the furniture. The living room rug should be tucked under the furniture feet. Source: Live

In special cases, where the piece is not close to furniture but rather loose in a large room, fix the mat on the floor with a non-slip adhesive to prevent it from slipping out of place.

For dining rooms, rugs should have a margin of 70 cm more than the measurements of the table, so it can accommodate the chairs well.

Choose your carpet material for the room

Rugs can be of natural material such as sisal, wool, silk and cotton, but it can also be of synthetic or mixed material.

The main difference between them lies in the care that must be taken, after all, natural fibers that do not receive treatment are less resistant to extreme situations with sun and water.

Synthetic materials, on the other hand, are usually derived from petroleum, so they do not fade or disintegrate easily.

In addition to choosing, also think about the height of the rug’s coat. The plush rugs can reach up to 7 centimeters in height and are extremely soft, pleasant to the touch, so they are recommended for those who tend to walk barefoot in all rooms of the house.

Shaggy rug, with bristles in light shades that vary according to the light.

Remember that the longer the coat on a rug, the more delicate the maintenance to keep the material in good condition.

To ensure that your living room is comfortable every day of the year, have two carpet options, for example: one in natural fiber and a cozier one in cotton fabric. That way, your room won’t be too hot during the summer or too cold during the winter.

Coordinate the colors of your rug with your living room decor

In this regard, personal taste is the main factor to be considered, however, for a harmonious result in your room, a study in advance how to combine colors in the environment.

Avoid, for example, buying rugs in shades and colors similar to those of the sofa, as this will create a unique and confusing block.

Following this path, of coordinating the colors of the environment with those of the rugs, regardless of the style chosen, the chance of achieving a satisfactory result is greater.

Also, the rug is a great strategy for modifying the room’s atmosphere. To connect the whole environment, you can place a rug with shades close to the existing decoration, as well as to make it more intimate, just use warm, closed colors.

Carpets in neutral colors

The neutral carpets line the floor in a discreet manner and are ideal for homes with a more classical style.

Item in neutral color in the center of a room with furniture with a lot of personality, including a curved sofa.

If you want a rug just to warm up the room, without attracting attention, you can invest in a single-color model in a similar shade to the floor covering. So, the environment will be unified, yet cozy.

This type of living room rug is also a versatile option for you who like to constantly change your decor. That’s because it goes well with the most diverse colors, creating the possibility of daring in elements such as cushions, colored armchairs or even sculptures and paintings.

Striped rugs

The colorful striped rug is a choice that can be the focal point of your decor. For small rooms, this type of print lengthens, visually enlarging the space.

In addition, this rug can be used to coordinate any decor in your room. That’s because, if the rug is colored, just choose some shades that are on it to apply in other places in the environment.

Piece with medium stripes in grey, white, green and beige. The room's decoration is completed by several wooden elements.

The thicker the stripes, the more attention it will attract, especially if the rug colors are contrasting with each other.

A rug with stripes in black and white in different directions, for example, is a great choice for those who want to be bold in the composition of their room.

Carpet with black and white stripes in different directions.

Rugs with geometric and abstract prints

Geometric and abstract prints are on the rise, as they transform the living room floor into an attractive point, almost like a canvas with paint.

A contemporary rug with bright colors is able to change and brighten environments without leaving the room to be a cozy corner.

Very colorful piece, with several open and vivid colors, with pink being predominant.

If you prefer more discreet models, rugs with gradient colors have been used a lot, as they create interesting designs that look like brush strokes.

In apartments with neutral or monochromatic decor, this type of rug can be the point that connects the entire decor. It goes very well on wood floors or in environments with a predominance of black and white colors.

Piece in shades of blue and slightly yellow, making a composition with the white environment.

The combination of classic colors and classic prints, in a different way, produces the contemporary rug, which is a reinterpretation of the classic.

This is a good choice for those who want to keep an intimate atmosphere in their living room but breaking the seriousness of the classic style.

Piece that mixes earthy and reddish tones with blue tones.

The classic Belgian rug

For those of you who don’t give up on pieces with recognized quality, but that are practical to use on a daily basis, the Belgian rug is ideal.

This is because, in addition to having a very thin thickness, which facilitates cleaning, the Belgian rug is made entirely of viscose, ensuring a velvety texture and pleasant to the touch.

The reference for these pieces comes from Belgium, so it is possible to find rugs with patterns that resemble flowers and arabesques, full of details.

Carpets in natural fibers

The carpet in fibers and natural tones, such as sisal fiber, has a more rustic texture, being suitable for warmer seasons.

For those who like plants and a lot of wood in the decoration, this rug also complements the natural atmosphere.

The natural material is very resistant to friction and does not heat up as much as shaggy rugs, for example. However, it is not suitable for use in outdoor areas because of the humidity, which deteriorates this type of material.

Sisal rug in a natural-style setting, with a straw-based sofa & various plants.

If you like the look of fibers but need a moisture-resistant rug, choose a synthetic sisal rug.

This model is good for those who have pets, who want to have a room where you can step on with wet feet and, in addition, this mat can be used outdoors.

Outdoor fiber piece, serving as a base for a relaxing living environment.

Another type of piece in natural material is the cotton rug, which provides a light and soft texture, in addition to being anti-allergenic. Knowing this, these pieces are perfect for homes where there are children, so they can play freely and be protected from the cold floor.

Now you can choose your favorite model of carpet for the living room

Rugs make all the difference in the social environment of the home, especially in the living room, which is sometimes the focal point for receiving family, friends, and guests.

After all these tips, without a doubt, you’ve already found, among the colors and models, the rug that best matches your living room decor. Therefore, after purchasing your perfect rug, observe the care and washing recommendations to preserve the piece for a long time.

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