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Living Room Sketch

The Living Room

Living room sketch by IYDG
Living room sketch by IYDG

In the sketch above, graphite is used to convey the texture and feel of this living room possibility. Sometimes, before fabrics are chosen, we will provide a sketch or drawing to show the design direction. These renderings are an important design tool and help clients visualize more clearly what their space will look like. It is too common to find design firms turning to all digital renderings for imagining a space, without taking the time to create a piece of art. At IYDG we feel that both have their place and while a hand-created piece is not always necessary, it can really help the process.

With a traditional handcrafted rendering that utilizes fine art techniques demonstrates a level of care for the project. Often, the end result is framed by our customers to showcase their new space and design. Computer generated renderings, on the other hand, give the flexibility to try out a lot of styles in one go. Make sure your designer is capable of both types of renderings; that they have been trained in the fine arts, that they have an eye for the art of design, not just a big book of fabrics and colors.

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