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The Modern Farmhouse

Whats Been Happening

Hi everyone, today’s blog post is solely focused on what we have been working on at the office. We want to share one of our on-going projects that has our office inspired and excited. The Modern Farmhouse as it is affectionately called is an out of state renovation near Yuba California.


Design Concept: The Modern Farmhouse

Our concept for this design is a modern farmhouse, the namesake for the project. Traditionally farmhouse design involves white walls, light finishes, wood details, crown molding, wood floors, and rustic furniture. A farmhouse aesthetic felt appropriate for the region. We wanted our design to incorporate modern elements that keep this home up to date, intrigue our clients, and successfully blend both styles together. Our team chose classic colors with a twist for the exterior paint. The main color will be alabaster while the trim is peppercorn with bunglehouse blue doors. Accented with black farmhouse lights, The Modern Farmhouse makes a statement on its block.


Modern Farm House
Exterior Color Palette




Modern Farmhouse
Black Exterior Barn Lights



The interior of the space moves with the same beat as the exterior. The main living space feels open and inviting, as you turn the corner and move into the kitchen, one of our favorite design elements is revealed. An emerald green island, with white quartz countertops. The perimeter kitchen cabinets are white with Unity by Daltile as the backsplash. The design is a modern take on a traditional white farmhouse kitchen. We chose to use a wood flooring throughout as a nod to the traditional farmhouse design. It is a constant throughout the home and unifies the spaces.


Modern Farmhouse
Kitchen Material Palette


Modern Farmhouse
Wood Flooring


Thanks for taking the time to read about our progress and upcoming projects! If you have an idea for a blog post or a topic you would like to learn more about email us at