We Moved!

Check Out Our New Space

We recently moved our office.  As you can see the Frog painting made the move with us and has found a new home. The office is still a work in progress as there are a few finishing touches that need to be completed (like hanging the doors as you can see in the picture below) but we are getting closer to having a finished space!  We are so excited because it’s a far better use of space then our last office and we have a lot of natural light from the wall of windows along the east side.  There’s an open work space adjacent  to an open conference room which also opens to my private office.  This enables us to have private conversations when needed in the conference room or open all the doors and have one large space where we can all interact.  We were able to achieve the new design by using sliding barn doors to eliminate door swings.  We brought the outdoors inside with our 16′ built in planter box (yet to be photographed) that separates our reception from the open work area. Our favorite thing so far? Our kitchenette!


Doors are hanging out in the hallway waiting for the installer.


Let there be Light!

Natural light makes it easier for product selection.  I used both LED and warm incandescent lighting throughout the space as lighting changes depending on the project. With both types of lighting in house, we can make selections under the correct lighting for the project.



Work Space Sneak Peak

A bar sink made this compact kitchenette a reality in a space that would have otherwise been too small.  The other side of the kitchenette has 8′ of cabinets which gave us more storage then we can currently use.  I know that will change!

Our New Kitchenette




Our Beloved Frog



Stay tuned for more changes to come!