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Niche Marketing

Niche Marketing: See Benefits of Working with Specific Audiences and Tips for Getting Started

Working with a specific niche can bring several benefits to your business, contributing to the attraction and opportunity generation stages; know more

Niche marketing is about offering services to a niche market, reaching the needs of a specific target audience. Working with niche marketing can be a great differential, as over time your agency gains more and more authority on the subject and becomes a reference in the chosen market.

Anyone who works in this medium knows: around every corner, there is an agency that offers Digital Marketing services. And no wonder, this happens because there is an audience for them. Companies of all sizes and segments are more attentive to the deliveries that these agencies can offer and go after a good supplier. And in the midst of this sea of ​​digital agencies, what makes yours different and worthy of being chosen?

Of course, a talented team, the delivery of quality services, focus on important results for the client’s business and knowing how to make a good sale from your agency count for points. But maybe you haven’t explored another possibility: what if you work in niche marketing?

Niche marketing consists of offering services or products to a market niche, reaching the needs of a specific target audience. It’s not an overnight decision, but there are some advantages to this choice.

Why is working with niche marketing beneficial?

Working with niche marketing can be a huge differentiator. Over time, your agency tends to specialize in a specific segment, gaining more and more authority on the subject and becoming a reference in the chosen market.

Allows you to learn about the customer’s challenges and language

Niche strategy allows you to get to know your target audience deeply. And knowing the client, you will be able to better understand what their pains, problems and challenges are, and how your agency can best serve them. Plus, you learn to communicate with that customer. He understands what his language is because it becomes part of his private universe.

Facilitates nominations and increases credibility

Niche marketing also facilitates referrals and your credibility in the industry. In general, professionals in the same profession know others in the same area and can recommend their services. In addition, professionals and companies in the same area welcome agencies that have already served their partners or even competitors, because this demonstrates their agency’s specialized knowledge.

Provides a gain in market differential

By specializing in a niche, you naturally gain a competitive edge over those who serve different audiences. And consequently, your service can be valued more and you can charge more for it.

4 Golden Tips for Your Agency to Act with Niche Marketing

Did you like the opportunities that this type of work offers and are you thinking of nicheting your agency? So write down the tips below so you don’t forget:

1. Check the profitability of the niche

Before starting any work in a specific niche it is necessary to check the size of the market in which you intend to act. There are some questions you should ask yourself before starting an  Inbound Marketing job  for your chosen niche:

  1. What is the economic potential of this niche?
  2. Is he hot right now?
  3. How big is my market? How many companies are there in this segment?
  4. Can Inbound Marketing really generate results for this niche?
  5. Who are my potential competitors?

You can answer these questions through benchmarking, market surveys, street surveys (when the pandemic passes, ok) , surveys published in magazines and newspapers, SWOT analysis, etc.

After answering all these questions, if you realize that it really makes sense for your company to serve this specific market, it’s time to start prospecting for customers and then carry out the first commercial approaches.

2. Become a reference about your segment

Becoming a reference in a segment is not an easy task; you have to be very good at what you set out to do. Only then will people see you as the authority on the subject. To get there, two steps are needed:

Search content and study

Before starting the production of rich content for your audience, it is important to seek the knowledge of people who are already references in this segment.

For example, if you are in the real estate industry, find out who the experts in this segment are. What books on real estate do they read? What website do they go to? Are there any reference courses? Based on that principle, it’s much easier to know where to suck in deep knowledge to produce great content for your target audience.

Remember:  you do best what you know. 

produce content

One of the basic steps to be seen as a reference is to publish content relevant to your persona. Something that meets your pains and needs at the right time and at the right time.

Do a survey to find out which media your audience is in: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, others. Once this is done, also try to understand how your persona tends to consume this type of content (videos, articles, eBooks, surveys, quiz, audio post, podcast, graphics, infographics). That way you’ll have a good starting point for knowing what kind of content to produce and where to make it available.

The next step is to do this with cadence and constancy. Don’t be a company that publishes sporadic content every month and in a disorganized way. Have a calendar and propose to publish content per week, for example. Make it a  habit for your company and, over time, intensify publications. But be careful not to overload your potential customer with too much information!

Another very important point when we want to be a reference is to be able to deliver what was promised to your end customer and make them become an advocate of your brand. If this is achieved, make sure he indicates his solution to everyone who has a problem the same or similar to his.

3. Have a good team of experts

From the moment you decide to work in a specific segment, you will necessarily need to have people who understand and know about that niche; after all, the results depend on the performance of these people.

But make no mistake, having high-performance professionals can cost a little more than usual. So be prepared to invest when hiring qualified professionals.

If your business is small or medium, you can start by hiring a “multitasking” professional, that is, an employee with a more generalist profile and who has a broad knowledge of the segment.

As your business grows and so does demand, you can increase and specialize your teams, hiring increasingly qualified professionals for specific roles.

This shows us that each year the agencies are being evaluated for the quality level of their deliveries, which further reinforces the qualification of the professionals who must make up their team.

4. Participate and sponsor events in your segment

The famous phrase “who is not seen is not remembered” is present when the subject is to be in the same place where your target audience/persona is.

It’s super important to be part of your potential clients’ events, workshops, and training, as it’s in these moments that you’ll get to know and understand a little better about how he behaves. The closer you are, the greater the possibilities for you:

  • Increase your network with people from the segment you serve;
  • Know the particularities of the customer in this segment;
  • Deeply understand what your real problems are;
  • Identify possible solutions and improvements in your product/service;
  • Know what content your potential customers would like to consume.

In this moment of the pandemic, don’t forget that the events and workshops keep happening, but in a virtual environment. So be there! Introduce your agency in discussion forums, participate, and make yourself seen.