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There is a long and fascinating history involved with the White House. It has served as the residence of the President of the United States and his (or her) family since 1800, when it was completed. The original design of the home is by James Hoban and construction started in 1792. Over the years it has expanded, burned down, and been rebuilt. Every president and their family leaves an impression on the home during their tenure. While there are many rooms in the White House, there are few more iconic to the modern American psyche than the Oval Office.

White House - Oval Office | Ida York Design Group, Inc.
White House – Oval Office | Ida York Design Group, Inc.

With every new U.S. president the White House undergoes a new interior design. The image aboveĀ is not what the oval office looks like at present, but it could! This rendering measures approximately 24″x 18″ and is done in watercolor. The rendering, by Ida York of Ida York Design Group, Inc., is from the perspective drawing by Stephan Hoffpauir.

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