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Planned kitchen: discover and choose yours

Considered the heart of the house, the kitchen is a very important room, being the place where we store our food and utensils, prepare various recipes and often even consume our meals.

With many functions, the kitchen needs to be a well-designed and functional environment to be well-organized and meet your needs. For this to happen, one of the most used ways is to adopt a planned kitchen, in other words, a project entirely focused on you and your routine.

What is a planned kitchen?

Environment with custom-made cabinets.

Planned kitchen, the perfect solution for those who want to customize details thinking about practicality and functionality for everyday life. Source: Pinterest

While the other kitchen options follow a pattern, the planned kitchen manages to be the way you want it. Because they are made-to-measure furniture, you can customize all the smallest details of your kitchen.

When designing the furniture, all measurements of your kitchen space are considered. You can also customize details such as the number of drawers, the interior and exterior divisions of cabinets, the types of hardware, the material, color and style of furniture.

Thus, the planned kitchen is ideal for those looking for personalization, functionality and use of space, as your furniture can be practical and meet your routine. But all this customization comes at a much higher price, since all the details are chosen by you, which can interfere with the final value.

Difference between types of kitchen furniture

In addition to the planned kitchen, there are other types of furniture that can be used in the space, understanding what these options are and knowing their differences, allow a correct choice at the time of purchase. When it comes to kitchen furniture, there are two options other than the planned kitchen, being ready-made furniture or modular ones.

Kitchen ready

Ready cabinet in wood tones and black doors. Kitchen ready cabinet, an economical solution, but that doesn’t bring practicality to your routine. Source: Mobly

Ready-made kitchens are nothing more than ready-made furniture, which is sold in large furniture stores or retailers. As it is a ready-made piece of furniture, it has some characteristics already determined, such as size, hardware, handles and finishes.

Therefore, if your space is small or very large, this category of furniture will hardly meet your needs, as it can waste space and not have the necessary compartments for your daily life. The advantage of this option is the price, as it is standardized and without any customization, being the cheapest type of kitchen.

Modular kitchen

Cabinet modules in gray and white stone.

Modulated kitchen, a good solution for those who want a little customization and economy with the project. Source: Pinterest

Modulated kitchens are made from plug-in modules, with the size, material, hardware and finishing of the pieces already defined by the manufacturer. Thus, its biggest disadvantage is the lack of customization, as it has minimal options to choose from, such as color and handles.

You can’t choose all the details in your kitchen, like the interior and exterior partitions of the furniture; the finishes, such as the type of hardware and the material used; and not even the size, as the module follows a certain pattern, which can waste usable space.

But this standardization also has its good side, as this type of furniture can be produced on a larger scale, so, in addition to lowering the final cost of the project, the delivery time is much shorter, since the modules are ready.

Types of cuisine

Now that you know the differences between kitchen furniture, you need to know a little better about the configuration of this environment to be able to choose your planned kitchen project. In the floor plans of the properties, it is common to find three types of configurations for the kitchen space, which can be closed, integrated or American.


Closed kitchen with access to the social area and the balcony.

Apartment plan with closed kitchen, a great setting for those who like privacy. Source: All Campo Belo in Apto

The closed kitchen consists of a more traditional configuration, where the environment is separated from the others. This separation may or may not be done by a door, but it ensures that the kitchen is reserved from other spaces, being the ideal type for those who want privacy in this environment.


Kitchen integrated with social area with island and stools for meals. Apartment plan with integrated kitchen, perfect configuration to expand your social area and throw parties.

The integrated kitchen is a space configuration that is often used to connect environments. Therefore, the kitchen is not a separate room, as there is no division from the other spaces, usually being integrated into social areas, such as the living room or the terrace.

An excellent setting for those who like to host and give parties, as it allows free movement of people in all spaces. Widely adopted in small apartments, as they enable the integration and expansion of the area as a whole.


American kitchen connected to the social area, the integration between the environments is made by a counter with two stools. Plan of an apartment with an American kitchen, the configuration allows integration with the social area, but leaves the kitchen space more reserved. Source: Vila Flor Jundiaí in Apto

The American kitchen is a configuration that mixes the closed and the integrated kitchen. With a half wall or a countertop that separates the kitchen from social areas, such as the dining or living room, it manages to integrate two environments, but without confusing the uses.

Also widely used in small apartments due to the fluidity it generates between spaces, it is an excellent configuration for those who like to receive guests, as it allows contact between two environments. Its main advantage is that the kitchen room is more reserved and, at the same time, connects to the social area.

Types of planned kitchen

As it is an extremely customizable project, the planned kitchen does not have defined types, as the details are chosen specifically for each kitchen and to meet the tastes and needs of each customer.

It can be a little difficult to get inspired and understand what kind of planned kitchen would be best for you without references, so we’ve separated some kitchens with custom furniture in different space configurations and different furniture layouts, so you can understand what suits your best. environment and its routine.

With island

Planned kitchen with island, with white cabinets and white stone, black metals stand out.

Planned kitchen with island, a great layout to have a support bench or for meals.

The kitchen with island is an object of desire for many people, because it is different and modern. The big difference is in the island, which is in the middle of the kitchen environment and can be used in different ways.

In it we can have the sink or the stove, it can also be used as a support bench when cooking or as a space for meals. The island layout can be used in many other types of planned kitchens, but when used individually, it works very well in large spaces and in integrated kitchens.


Linear planned kitchen with white upper cabinets and intermediate wood lower cabinets.

Linear planned kitchen ensures space optimization by concentrating functions on a single side.

The linear planned kitchen is ideal for small or medium-sized buildings and with the narrowest kitchen space. By concentrating all functions on a single side, it allows for a practical organization and that the circulation of the environment is not harmed.


Parallel planned kitchen with blue cabinets and blue and white floral design floor.

Planned parallel kitchen, increases the amount of cabinets and support benches, perfect for those who want more space.

The parallel planned kitchen has its layout configured by two rows of cabinets or countertops positioned facing each other. It is a great solution for those who want more space when cooking, as it has more than one support bench, allowing more than one person to be able to perform tasks at the same time.

This type of kitchen can be used even in more compact spaces, but the only care that must be taken is with the circulation in the middle, which must be at least 1.2 meters for a comfortable space and to avoid accidents.

In “U”

White U-shaped kitchen with island and stools for dining.

A kitchen planned in “U”, an ideal layout for large kitchens.

The U-shaped kitchen is the perfect solution for large spaces or American kitchen configurations. Allows for a large work area, as well as ample storage area with numerous cabinets and drawers that can be part of the project.

In “L”

Designed kitchen in "L" with pink cabinets, gray countertop and upholstery and wooden floor.

Kitchen planned in “L”, an ideal layout to take advantage of every corner of a square environment. Source: Pinterest

The “L” planned kitchen is a great layout that fits perfectly into square spaces and makes good use of the corners of the environment. It expands the storage space and the work bench, blends in very well with an island, which can integrate other environments and create an extra dining space.

Tips on choosing your planned kitchen

Even after you understand your kitchen setup and the planned layouts it may have, when you start thinking about your own planned kitchen, some questions may arise.

For example, where should I start and what would be most important in the planned design process. That’s why we’ve separated amazing tips to help you choose better all the details of your kitchen.

Choose home appliances first

The appliances are a very important part of the kitchen, they are necessary for everything that is done in this environment. As they are ready-made objects with specific measurements, they must be selected beforehand, so when you think about the project of your planned kitchen, the real measurements will be considered, avoiding problems when fitting them in at the end.

Assess your needs

Kitchen planned in "U" with island. In shades of gray and white stone, the golden metals stand out.

Kitchen planned with specific solutions, with the island, we can conclude that the customer’s need was to have a space for meals and an extra countertop in the kitchen. Source: Pinterest

When designing your planned kitchen, the main factor to consider is your routine. Before thinking about layout, finishes and other details, ask yourself about the uses you will give to that environment.

If you love cooking a lot, having ample workbench space is a must. If you like having a space for quick meals in the kitchen, an island can be an option. The choices depend on your day-to-day.

Set a budget

A budget is always needed for everything! Setting a maximum amount to be spent will help you in the process. Thus, you can avoid very expensive finishes and adopt quality solutions, but the price does not exceed your final budget.

Set all objects to be saved

Drawers for different types of utensils.

Cabinets with specific divisions for the quantity and types of customer objects, so encourage what will be stored before starting the project. Source: Pinterest

For a functional environment, all the details must be planned, and kitchen utensils would be no different. Therefore, clean the objects that you no longer use and then stipulate the amount you have of those that are leftover.

Thus, you will know exactly the spaces needed, choosing the best cabinets, drawers and interior finishes for your planned kitchen to be functional and practical.

The advantages and disadvantages of having a planned kitchen

Before deciding if having a planned kitchen is for you, it is very important to understand the main benefits and inconveniences so that you can choose exactly the best one for your kitchen.


Planned kitchens have numerous advantages that you can favor at the time of your choice, such as use of space, creation of a functional and practical environment for your needs, customization of all project details, insertion of technologies and even return on investment made. See them all a little better and understand each one:

Use of space

Corner drawer that allows you to take advantage of all spaces.

The planned kitchen manages to take advantage of all spaces, so even the most difficult corners can be equipped with cabinets. Source: Pinterest

This, of course, is the main advantage when we think about a planned kitchen: a project fully thought out for a specific environment can take advantage of every inch of space, optimizing its use without waste.

The space that suits your needs

All the furniture in a planned kitchen project is made to meet your needs, so when you start planning the layout, you can think about your day-to-day and what you intend to use in that space and even think about the amount of utensils you have intends to keep, always aiming at ways to make your daily life more practical and functional.


Linear planned kitchen with white cabinets and LED built-in top cabinets.

Customization, one of the best advantages of planned kitchens. Source: Pinterest

Combining the kitchen with your favorite style is a possibility when thinking about the planned kitchen, as it allows all finishes to be defined, from the most technical, such as hardware and internal divisions, to the colors and style of the furniture.

So, if you like a more classic style, you can combine elegant knobs with white color; if you like to be daring and bring a little joy home with colors, bet on tones like blue and green for the kitchen and combine it with beautiful golden hardware.

In planned kitchen design, the only limits are imposed by your budget. You can even put LED strips built into the cabinets, so, in addition to lighting, you can add an elegant atmosphere to your kitchen.

Return on investment

A planned kitchen is not a cheap investment, it is a project that was made for a specific area and cannot be reused. But when we think in terms of selling and renting a property, a planned kitchen can be an incredible investment.

Many people look for this type of differential because it is such a personalized project, so when we analyze these issues, we realize that all the money invested goes back to the owner as the property’s appreciation for rent or sale.


Even with many qualities, the planned kitchen can have some disadvantages for you, such as the lack of furniture portability and the high cost. Understand these disadvantages a little better to help you choose:

Fixed furniture

Planned kitchen with cabinets and gray stones. The central island houses the stove and exhaust.

The planned kitchen projects are designed for a specific space and fixed in the environment; they can hardly be reused. Source: Pinterest

As understood, the planned kitchen is made for a specific space, everything in it will be designed for a certain area, and when your project is ready, it will be fixed in the environment. When thinking about a higher cost for the details, you can certainly find a disadvantage not being able to take the project if you move.

Custom project cost

Customization comes at a high price. It is estimated that a planned kitchen is three to five times more expensive than a modular kitchen. So, predicting this value at the time of your choice is very important, avoiding inconveniences during the process of choosing the finishes.

Decision time

If your kitchen is really the heart of your home, know that the investment in a planned kitchen will not be a waste, since it is configured for your routine, with time, the practicality and functionality of an environment so well -planned, the investment will not seem so high.

But if it’s not an option for you, know that the other kitchens found on the market are also great options that can adapt to your routine.

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