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Restaurant Design Trends: Materials & Textures

Thoughtful Materials Palette

The feeling of a space truly comes out in its materials. Warm colors, textures, and different scales make Earl’s Kitchen + Bar feel inviting and comforting. This is a great feat in a project that was once a bare industrial location. Each space has a unique feel because of various material changes throughout the restaurant. The main dining area features iconic artwork (a company standard for Earl’s), a vaulted wooden ceiling, and custom LED light fixtures. This pairs with gorgeous hardwood floors and painted concrete walls to create a modern and iconic dining experience.

More intimate spaces, like the booth seating area, have a dropped wooden trellis ceiling with exposed steel beams. Leather and linen wrapped booths provide contrast in texture to the concrete flooring and tiled accent wall. Wood, stone, steel, concrete, leather, and linen come together to create a unique material palette. Using contrasting textures side by side creates visual interest that keeps the eye intrigued as we experience the space. By using neutral materials as a staple in the color scheme the space doesn’t overwhelming despite having so many design features.

Here are a couple of examples of the design in Earl’s Kitchen + Bar restaurant:









Undoubtedly, Earl’s Kitchen + Bar will be turning heads in New England for years to come. Thanks for getting your daily dose of IYDG insight! Stay tuned for more to come.

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