Styling Your Home

If you look at your home and think, “it’s just not finished”, you may need styling.  At Ida York Design Group we are experts at styling your home, from furniture placement to the position of every item on your shelves.  We can include artwork and some decor that you have and add more artwork and decor to fill out the space to fit your preferences all the while creating a cohesive look.

We add the decor that makes a space feel complete. We would be thrilled to create a home that complements the way you life and brings a casual luxury to everyday life.

Relocation Styling 

This service isn’t just for a newly remodeled spaces. We also work with clients who have recently moved to the area or moved into a new home and want their house to feel lived in and complete.  Visit our Relocation page to learn more. Click here.

Complete the look of your home with styling!


The custom styling design process and implementation takes a minimum of 6 weeks and will increase depending on the complexity and scale of the project.  We will discuss timeline in depth in person at the consultation.

Purchasing, Delivery & Installation

Once design is approved, we will begin the ordering process.  We will procure and have all items installed for you, this may include artwork that will need to be framed or items that are shipped to us from our suppliers.   We handle any issues that may arise, and then deliver your freshly styled space and toast to your your beautiful home!  It is a rewarding day for everyone when we all see the design that we’ve envisioned come to life!