How to Train Drapery

The aesthetic of your home in many ways is a visual representation of you. It shows off your personality, interests, preferences. Your guests will notice the color, pattern, shape, accessories, and era you prefer to surround yourself with. This level of detail is a long-term investment and deserves the utmost care. Drapery is no exception….


Creating a Unified Home

Interior design is a personal choice that we each face when transforming our house into a home. Crafting a space that is uniquely “you” can be equally challenging and rewarding. But maybe you’re wondering what happens if you throw the style of your partner, kids, or your roommate into the mix? They absolutely deserve to…

Kitchen Remodel

How to Care for Granite Counters

How to Care for Granite Counters Granite has evolved from a design trend to a staple in many homes. This stone has a variety of aesthetics that fit with any style. Granite is also durable, heat resistant, semi-resistant to bacteria, and water resistant. This stone is a perfect fit for every lifestyle but does require…