How to Train Drapery

The aesthetic of your home in many ways is a visual representation of you. It shows off your personality, interests, preferences. Your guests will notice the color, pattern, shape, accessories, and era you prefer to surround yourself with. This level of detail is a long-term investment and deserves the utmost care. Drapery is no exception….

Interior Design Project, Hotel Rose, Now Open!

Hospitality Design Our design, the construction, and Pineapple Hospitality’s preparations are complete! Hotel Rose and it’s restaurant, Bottle + Kitchen, are complete and now open for business! Bottle + Kitchen opened with a fantastic menu and a fabulous interior! Ida York Interior Design was given the inspirational message, “we want Alice in Wonderland meets gastro pub.”…

Best Color Palettes 2013 for Medical, Dental & Professional Offices

Here are the new Pallas Textiles!  Pallas provides a marvelous selection of textiles with modern patterns, styles and still they are extremely durable. Below are the 2013 selections that we’ve paired together with some trim options, ideal for a medical offices, dental offices, hospitality, or professional offices. Cool tones of green and yellow, and added a grey…