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Our clients’ testimonials express what a positive difference we have made to their lives and businesses. You don’t have to take our word for it!  Read what some of our customers are saying after they work with us.

Thank you Ida. Business is going well and everyone loves the design. We are getting very good feedback on the décor layout and artwork.  You did an amazing job! Thank you.
Faye, Restaurant Remodel


You have no idea how much I appreciate your creative hard working mind…Love the colors!
Varinda, Restaurant Remodel


The store colors do look beautiful … it’s exactly how we wanted!The flooring is done and the tubs were delivered today, it all looks good together.
Cesarine, Pet Store & Groomers Redesign


Our Company came across Ida York by referral. Though Ida is based out of Oregon, she frequently travels to California and out of state for design projects…Though we were new to the design process, Ida made a point to have us see, touch, feel, and come into contact with all the materials we purchased and used. The design implementation was divided into 3 budget conscious phases which allowed the business to operate daily after only the first phase. This part is very important because we had the ability to gradually add to our business concept without the need to close for remodeling. We are looking forward to working with Ida and her team in the future.
Daniel, Restaurant & Night Club Redesign




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