The Chokshi’s Kitchen

There are some design projects that actually change the way lives are lived.  Kitchens are often one of them and such was the case for the Chokshi’s.   Since this kitchen is a condo in San Francisco, and in order to maximize the budget, it was determined early on that we would not move walls or plumbing.  The remodel was more of a swap out with some fabulous twists.  The result was a huge change without moving a single wall.  Yes, it can be done!

Before Picture
Before the remodel, the kitchen had outdated cabinetry and a huge portion of the space was dominated by an over sized refrigerator.  There was wasted space in numerous locations. Short cabinets coupled with an outdated florescent light said 1982 all over!  The clincher was simple to see, there was no oven.  Yes, some people actually exclude major appliances from their kitchen design.  As a result, the space was not at all functional for a family who enjoys cooking and entertaining.

For the solution, the first thing we did was maximize space.  We brought the cabinets to the ceiling, pushed the refrigerator back into the appropriate place added a breakfast counter and cabinetry around to the front of the breakfast bar.   We added style with glass shelves and glass door cabinets for display.  We worked with local manufactures and craftsmen to decrease the footprint of the project.  A recycled glass counter, cork flooring and reforested wood cabinetry was installed.  A local artist designed and fabricated the pendent lights and all together the once dark and outdated kitchen was transformed into a chic urban space for our clients.  Now, this family who loves to entertain can do just that!

Thank you for great photography from Robert Hatch Photography and beautiful quality construction by Russell Valby with CCMFC&C Construction both located in San Francisco. 

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