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Ida Is One of Portland’s Top 15 Interior Designers!

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Ida's Profile

We are so excited that our very own principle designer, Ida York, has been listed as one of Portland’s top 15 interior designers! While Ida remains extremely humbled by this opportunity, this nomination doesn’t take the rest of us by surprise. Ida’s talents stretch far and wide. Not only is Ida an exceptionally talented designer, she is a singer, dancer, painter, photographer, entertainer and cat lover!

All of her many hours spent at her desk and out on the job have definitely paid off. She is very interactive, budget conscious and involved with everyone at all stages of the design process, making everyone’s lives so much easier! Her work stands out for it’s uniqueness and bold statement pieces, many of which are custom designs from Ida herself. She often combines many elements for a holistic and comprehensive final product. The extraordinary attention to detail of her work has a way of making everything she does feel special with all of its small touches.

Win or lose, we are so proud of Ida for having her hard work recognized to the public!

Go vote for Ida York here!!

Stay tuned for more blog posts and portfolio updates of newly finished projects!

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  1. Ida-
    My husband and I are developing one of our buildngs into a unique Brewery Tasting Room and need extra help getting our project completed by April 1st. It appears you have done some commercial restaurant spaces before. If you are available to work on our project this Feb-March, we would like to talk to you about your services and fees.

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