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TV panel: versatile furniture for every room

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The TV panel is furniture that began to be used a lot with the change from televisions to thinner and lighter devices, so this functional object appeared as a support, a means of organization and a decorative element.

Easy to be found, the panel has several models to suit different tastes. You can find from planned panels, where you can choose all the details, to ready-made panels, an economical and practical solution.

But choosing a TV panel can be a little difficult. Which model to choose? Where to use? What is the best material? Thinking about these possible doubts, we selected everything you need to know before choosing yours, check it out!

What is a TV panel?

The TV panel is an object that has the function of support, ensuring an adequate fixation to the TV. In addition, the element prevents damage to the walls, as it allows it to be fixed directly on the furniture and, in most cases, avoiding holes.

Designed to support televisions, the panel is furniture that provides a suitable place for electronics and accessories that can accompany the TV, such as a router and control.

It can also be used as a standout element in your home decor, serving as a finish by hiding the TV wires and thus making the environment more beautiful and pleasant.

Where to use the TV panel

Because it is a functional and decorative element, the TV panel can be used in the environment you want, being an easy and elegant way that works as a support for your television.

With different materials, colors and sizes, you can choose the best option for each room, allowing you to have a panel for the living room, kitchen, bedroom and even a balcony.

In the room

TV panel with rack, shelves and plywood.

Living room with slatted wood TV panel.

The use of a TV panel in the living room is the most classic and common to be seen, in addition to leaving the environment with more elegant decoration, it ensures that items related to television and to the house itself have their space reserved.

In the living room, the panel is also often used with the rack, the materials can be the same or different, but this junction guarantees the furniture storage functionality.

TV panel in the bedroom

Double bedroom decorated in brown and wood tones.

Bedroom with decor in neutral tones and wood paneling.

Another environment where the TV panel is often used is in the bedroom, which can work as a highlight in the decoration or combine with other furniture, such as the wardrobe and the dresser.

The panel is an element that facilitates the placement of the television and hides the wires. Because it is on the wall, it also allows the room’s circulation space not to be compromised.

in other environments

Even more common in living rooms and bedrooms, the TV panel has also become very common in other areas of the house, such as kitchens and balconies.

Kitchen with TV panel together with dining table.

Kitchen with wooden dining table, continuity allows the material to also serve as a TV panel. Source: Pinterest

In the kitchen, the uses of the element are numerous, the most common being built into cupboards or a space reserved with the dining table, providing a comfortable and exclusive area to enjoy the television.

Gourmet balcony with TV panel.

Gourmet balcony with barbecue, benches, and TV panel.

The TV panel also combines a lot with the gourmet balcony, not only it, all the outdoor areas that have a cover allow a panel to be placed to create a beautiful seating area to enjoy moments.

Panel models for TV

The popularization of TV panels in the decoration of environments allowed a multitude of models, with different colors, materials, and textures, which appeal to different tastes and serve for different spaces in your home. See below some of these models to help you choose.

With rack

Rack with support for TV and drawers.

Panel TV rack in unique furniture.

One of the most functional models for the living room is the rack with a TV panel, this set makes the environment much more organized, as it allows you to store items from the television or the house inside the furniture.

In addition, the model allows you to explore colors and textures between the panel and the rack, so the elements can match the rest of the room’s decor, or they can be the main highlight of the room.

If you want the functionality that the rack model gives to your daily life, but don’t want fixed furniture, you can buy two separate pieces of furniture that combine material, color, and texture.

Suspended TV Panel

Suspended TV panel. Suspended panel, a way to save space and hide your TV wires.

The suspended TV panel is a simple element, ideal for those who want the two main functions of this object, hiding the wires and guaranteeing correct support for their television.

Therefore, these suspended elements are widely used in environments with limited space, as they do not compromise circulation. If you want support for objects, opt for this compact model with shelves.

With LED lighting

Shelves with built-in LED lighting.

Panel LED lighting for TV.

Perfect for those who like more elegant furniture and with a touch of sophistication, the TV panel with built-in LED can make a big impression on the decor.

With the light function, the LED can be used in combination with other models, with niches, shelves and when used with light colored panels, this type of lighting stands out and expands the environment.

TV panel with niches or shelves

TV panel with niches.

Niches increase storage space in furniture.

The panel with niches or shelves is widely used by those who need to store many objects, they can be books, collections or just decorative ornaments, a way to optimize the space that is already being used.

Framing the television, this type of panel manages to create a more intimate atmosphere, especially for living environments. Being a great element, using a color or material that stands out from the rest of the decor creates a more sophisticated air.


TV stand with swivel base.

Swivel TV panel, a way to ensure the TV is used in more than one environment.

The swivel panel is a good idea for anyone looking to optimize their television or their space, allowing more than one environment to be able to use the same TV at different times.

Because it saves space, this type of panel can be used in the junction of two environments, serving both, or for small spaces such as studios , so the use of the same television for several environments saves space and furniture.

Functional TV panel

TV panel with built-in cabinet.

The functional panel, a possibility for those who want to store more objects.

The functional panel is basically a piece of furniture that from the front looks like just a TV stand, but when analyzed, you can see that its wrapper has a hidden cabinet.

This solution is perfect for those looking for more storage space, so you can store personal items, games, items related to your television and more.


TV panel made of slatted wood.

Panel for TV with slatted wood, a suggestion that fills the wall and gives dynamic to the decoration.

Wooden elements are always considered cozy and elegant for decoration, a wooden TV panel conveys this feeling, in addition to fulfilling technical needs, ensuring a more intimate environment.

Easy to combine, this element can use different types of wood, more noble, rustic, polished and even slatted wood, just choose the one that suits you best. This material can also be used in any space, but in bedrooms, it creates a pleasant atmosphere for moments of rest.

All white TV panels

Living room with furniture in light tones.

White TV panel combined with the rack, creating an aesthetic that expands the space.

The white TV panel is a very classic and versatile model, which can be combined with different types of decorations and styles. Because the color is light and reflects light well, it allows the environment where it is used to have a feeling of spaciousness.

It combines with wood of different tones or more vibrant colors, but if you are looking for a cleaner and more minimalist aesthetic, the tip is to choose to use it with other white elements.

The panel in this color only requires a little more work when cleaning, in addition to making the dirt more apparent, over time your material can turn yellow, so use the right products and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

What materials can be used?

Living room with sofa and space for armchairs.

Light-colored slatted wood used in the panel and rack. Source: Pinterest

The TV panel is an element that can be manufactured in different materials and colors, but among the main ones, we can mention wood and MDF or MDP being the most used.

While wood is a more noble and durable material, MDF and MDP are boards made of reconstituted wood, produced by agglomeration of wood fibers or particles.

Among them, MDP is the thickest material, which has three layers in its composition, ensuring that it has a characteristic of greater resistance to loads. Even so, both materials are ideal for those looking for an affordable price and a good product.

How to install TV panel

Wooden TV panel combined with white rack.

Wood-covered TV panel used on the entire wall.

After choosing your TV panel and in which room in your home it will be installed, it’s time for installation. For your furniture to be installed in the best possible way, you need to pay attention to the height.

Start by setting the ideal height for the TV, which should be in line with your eyes, ensuring that a seated person can get a good view. To do this, set it in a position that is neither too high nor too low, about 1.20 meters from the ground.

The distance between where you will be sitting and your dashboard should also be noted; It is important to remember here that the larger the television, the greater this distance should be.

For a 32-inch television, the distance should be between 1.2 meters and 2.4 meters; to 42 inches, from 1.6 meters to 3.2 meters; for 50 inches, from 1.9 meters to 3.8 meters; to 60 inches, from 2.2 meters to 4.6 meters; and for TVs larger than 70 inches, the minimum is 2.5 meters and the maximum is 5.1 meters away.

When installing, do not forget that the technical steps of how to assemble the TV panel must follow the product manufacturer’s recommendations, ensuring that screws, plates, brackets and tools used are calculated for the applied load.

Tips for choosing your TV panel

Mimic Panel.

Using the same wood in the door, rack and wall is a decoration solution that expands the space.

Match your decor

When choosing the panel, one of the most important tips is to match the decor of the room where it will be, so the new element won’t clash with the rest of the space.

To match your existing decor, choose to use the same materials and colors, or, if you want to create a big standout, choose something different: either a bolder color or a new texture.

ideal size

There are no rules about what size your TV panel should be, but keep in mind that ideally there is at least 15 cm of overhang around the screen, ensuring that your TV is more harmonic when combined with the panel.

Think about furniture functionality

As it is a furniture with many functions, don’t just stick to its aesthetics when choosing your TV panel. If you have several objects, choose one that meets this function in your daily life.

Available space

Before you buy your dream TV panel, measure your space, ensuring that it will look good on your wall space and that the television will fit properly with some leftovers to the side.

What is the advantage of choosing a TV panel for your home?

The shelf panel is a solution that allows space for storage of objects and decorative ornaments.

Very versatile, you could see that the TV panel can be used for different decorations, spaces and needs. With a variety of models and materials, the panel will always guarantee a beautiful aesthetic as well as functionality.

Thus, the biggest advantage of this furniture is its multifunctionality, because, even with different finishes, you can still meet the needs of any space.

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