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When to Use Your Fine China

An Easy Guide to Fine China

Fine china has become an intimidating piece of dishware that the average person owns, but never actually uses. These expensive, pristine, and sometimes priceless dishes almost feel too nice to eat off. But that completely defeats their intended purpose. So today, we are here to tell you, go for it! Here is an easy guide for when to use your fine china.


Fine China


When to use it

Your first inkling fine china is appropriate should come from the type of event you are creating. Maybe it’s a romantic dinner for two, at home, under candlelight, with some soothing music in the background. This is a perfect opportunity to break out the fine china. Intimate settings with small groups of 1-8 work best because they seem more personal and tailored to the needs of all guests attending. Anything larger can get out of hand easily and feel crowded in most spaces. Hosting a small dinner party allows you to reconnect with loved ones while putting your best foot forward. This is the perfect opportunity to use your fine china instead of your everyday dishware. You will look and feel more sophisticated while serving your guests and pouring drinks as you talk late into the evening.

Fine China

The holidays are another wonderful time of year to break out a more festive and fancy set of dishware. By using your fine china, you are creating warm memories of good food and great company. Your fine china becomes a symbolic reminder of this for the rest of the year.

Fine China

How to Use it

Fine china was designed to make every aspect of your dining experience more pleasurable through function and aesthetic. Understanding when to set your dinner plate, salad plate, and bread plate are critical when preparing a place setting in order to preserve the function of each piece. Luckily enough, its pretty simple, the plates stack on top of each other from smallest to largest and you remove a plate as you eat each course.

I hope this article has un-hyped fine china for you all, and you will start using it more as dishes and less as beautiful, dust collecting, display pieces. Don’t forget to watch out for our next blog post with more tips, tricks, and insight from Ida York Design Group. If you have an idea for a blog post feel free to email us at