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Vintage decor: what is it and where to buy it?

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When it comes to decoration, there are countless possibilities and combinations that can be made. The ideal is to make a selection of the style that best suits your personality. After all, there is nothing better than being comfortable in your own home.

The process of decorating the house is personal and constant. So, it’s important that you plan what you want to do, which spaces you want to change, and define the details based on what you like the most.

Vintage decor, for example, is a great option for people looking for something more welcoming and elegant, with a nostalgic touch and even a more romantic air. Besides being an interesting way to reframe objects from the past.

What is vintage in decor?

Vintage is a term used to define everything that is old, was produced in another era, has the aesthetics of previous decades, but has been rescued and is in good condition.

Bibelots from other times used furniture that were inherited from the family or even that old teapot that belonged to the grandmother. All these items are part of the vintage decor.

Vintage decor with old crockery in the kitchen.

There are different elements that, despite being made in the past, can bring a unique and special nostalgic tone to the present time.

There is also another designation for the word vintage, which was widely used by winemakers, that is, wine experts. Its use was associated with favorable grape harvests. Nowadays, its use has expanded to other fields, such as fashion, design and architecture.

Vintage decor with used refrigerator.

In terms of temporality, vintage items are generally dated from the 1920s to the 1960s. But many people also consider items from the 1970s and 1980s to be vintage.

However, it is important to remember that, while the vintage artifacts were literally produced in the past and preserved, the retro objects, in turn, are just reinterpretations, as they are currently produced with an ancient aesthetic that refers to a certain time.

Vintage Decor Tips

For starters, the idea is to make a plan. The first step is to choose the style you want for your vintage decor. To do this, just select the season that has the most to do with you or what you are looking for. Selecting a specific period helps when searching for references.

If the idea is to make something that refers to the 1950s, the images of the cafeterias of the time will surely inspire you to decorate your kitchen with the greatest class, in the best vintage style!

Vintage decor with cuisine inspired by the 50s.

Still talking about the rooms in the house, the next step is precisely to think about the space, which is a very important detail! Define which environment you would like to decorate to select the items that best suit each place. Just be careful not to overdo it by putting too many pieces in the room.

After that, a good tip is to look for old items that you or a family member have, but no longer use, and that could be used. With that in mind, the idea is to search for parts or furniture that were left out, came from the past and are in good condition.

Room decor with vintage details.

In addition to becoming a beautiful piece of vintage decor in your home, it will have a more special meaning, meaning and story than conventional pieces.

If you can’t find any vintage items in your home or through a family member, you can do a search and mine in antique shops and thrift stores. In this search, you may come across expensive parts, but the idea of ​​mining is an alternative that allows you to find lower prices.

Vintage decor for living room

The living room is a very unique environment, a living room. Nothing better than creating a cozy space, but also functional and beautiful.

How about trying out the vintage decor in your living room? Small details already make the difference and bring a delicate, nostalgic and luxurious tone to the environment.

The color palette, for example, is a subtle but very important touch. Pastel tones, such as light blue and baby pink, are predominantly vintage colors, bring a light, romantic look and can even help to expand the space in small rooms, for example, as light colors cause a greater sense of spaciousness.

Another important tip is to use vintage objects that bring characteristics from some time, such as record players, old records, posters and paintings.

Vintage decor with vinyl records and record player. In addition to plants and a beautiful guitar.

In addition to pastel shades, dark bricks are also a great option to give a vintage look a little more rustic. Using darker wood furniture produces the same effect.

Vintage decor for the room with old movie poster.

Source: Follow the Colors

Also bet on beautiful plants, flowers, and arrangements, which can be arranged in old glass vases. With these choices, the most luxurious, delicate, and classic touch is guaranteed!

Antique potted flowers add an elegant touch to your vintage decor.

Stronger shades can also be used. After all, they refer to more vibrant decades, like the 1980s.

Another possibility is to merge epochs. For example, you can use the eighties colors but keep a 1930s trend, as the toothpick feet of furniture.

Vintage decor for living room with colorful armchairs with toothpick feet.

Another important tip is to restore vintage furniture. There are many sofas and tables, for example, that have already been used, belong to another decade, but after a good restoration they look brand new!

Furthermore, it is possible to mix vintage pieces with modern items and obtain a very beautiful and useful result.

Sofa with toothpick feet for the vintage decor of the room.

There are countless possibilities, as they do not leave the spaces dated, and the vintage decoration is still practical, allowing many elements to compose a special nostalgic proposal for each environment.

Vintage wedding decorations 

Because it is a decor full of elegance and cozy touch, with luxury and delicacy, the vintage decor is a great option for couples who like the most nostalgic style.

Best of all, it can be present in subtle details or predominate in every detail. From the invitation to the outfit, from the candy table to the altar, there are many possibilities!

Vintage wedding decoration with old van and lots of flowers and plants.

Regarding colors, pastel tones, white and even some nuances of aged metal, such as matte gold and copper, for example, predominate. To use darker tones, wood combined with flowers in beautiful antique arrangements is the perfect marriage between vintage and rustic!

Vintage wedding decor with dark wood table decorated with beautiful flowers and elegant lighting.

The use of candles in vintage candlesticks and beautiful crystal chandeliers also ensure the ceremony’s romance and charm.

Elegant antique candles and chandeliers with a lot of beauty and class for vintage wedding decor. Source: Tips for Bride

Another interesting tip is to use bags or even boxes in shades of brown and vintage objects such as telephones, record players, typewriters, old books, and clocks to decorate the space.

Bags, telephone and vintage vase for decoration with small details.

These simple objects transform the environment and suggest a different temporality for the celebration.

Vintage typewriter and beautiful flowers on a dark wooden furniture.

On the tables, a perfect vintage decor includes fabrics or natural fibers, lace and antique crockery. It is also a good idea to use antique furniture. How about using vintage tables and chairs? The answer is yes!

Dark wooden table decorated with white veil, flowers and vintage dinnerware.

Source: Pinterest

The best part is that you can include objects inherited from loved ones or gifts given, at other times, by loved ones. Affection, beauty and care at the tables.

Vintage crockery with flowers and books on the table to complete the decoration.

Source: Pinterest

Where to buy vintage decor

In addition to looking for vintage items at home or through a family member, it is also possible to purchase antique pieces at stores, antique shops, websites, and fairs.

In Pinheiros, there are a lot of options for those who are looking for vintage items for decoration.

The À La Garçonne store, for example, arose from the premise of thinking about sustainability through the mining of vintage clothing. Until the scope expanded and now it also includes industrial-style antique furniture imported from Europe and the United States. In addition to its own clothing collection, with the contribution of Brazilian stylist Alexandre Herchcovitch.

Store with vintage items for sale, such as old boards, sofas and tables.

Address: Rua Francisco Leitão, 134 – Pinheiros
Telephone: (11) 2364-3280
Hours: Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 7 pm, and Saturdays, from 10 am to 5 pm

Already Desmobilia is one of the first online retailers of the furniture business. It appeared in 1999 as e-commerce, until physical stores soon appeared. With mining focused on antique shops, charity bazaars and warehouses, the premise is to reinvent, revisiting the past.

Store with vintage decor items such as vinyl, record player & table with toothpick legs.

Address: Rua Mateus Grou, 401 – Pinheiros
Telephone: (11) 3062-3408
Hours: Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 7 pm

Entitled “modernariato”, Loja Teo focuses on modernist furniture and vintage objects from the 1940s to the 1970s, a period that transformed Brazilian design and marked the contemporary style. In addition to selling antique pieces, there are also restored items and classic objects with modern touches.

Large store selling vintage items such as sofas, tables, paintings, vases, chandeliers, armchairs and more.

Address: R. João Moura, 268 – Pinheiros
Telephone: (11) 3061-3722
Hours: Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 7 pm, and Saturdays, from 10 am to 3 pm

In addition to the stores, one of the highlights in Pinheiros is the Feira da Praça Benedito Calixto, traditional in the city since 1987, with around 300 exhibitors.

Fair of vintage items such as telephones and other items for home decor.

Located in Benedito Calixto square, it happens on Saturdays and has become a reference when it comes to entertainment, vintage items, and culture. The fair is a kind of outdoor antique shop, where countless people exhibit vintage pieces, such as furniture, phonographs, dishes, clothes, among other items.

Vintage decor items are also sold elsewhere. The Bixiga Antiques Fair, for example, takes place every Sunday at Praça Dom Orione, on the corner of Rua Treze de Maio and Rua Rui Barbosa.

Vintage copper crockery and antique bowls for vintage decor.

From 9am to 5pm, right in front of Escadaria do Bixiga, various antiques, such as toys, records, silverware and antique furniture, are displayed in more than 200 booths and all of them can be traded.

On Rua da Consolação, for example, there is a large market for furniture and lighting. Among the stores, there are also options for those looking for vintage decor. It’s worth panning!

There are also online options, such as the Estilo Antigo antique shop and the auction portal for art and antiques LeilõesBr.