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What is a real estate launch and how does it work?

Buying an apartment in park view city involves several essential steps and very important details that can guarantee the success of your choice. Among these steps are the purchase stage options, that is, whether it is a property under construction, ready to move in or a property launch.

For the market, the real estate launch is one of the most important phases among the purchase stages, since it is the moment of presenting the project to a large audience, and the beginning of sales with the greatest potential.

Next, check out everything about real estate launching with a focus on on-plan properties, their impact on the market, and their advantages.

What is a real estate launch?

The real estate launch is a purchase stage in which the buyer can visit the location where the project will be built and learn more about it, with the help of the broker.

At this stage, the events that involve the disclosure, the exhibition of the decorated ones and, of course, the opening of apartment sales occur. The development remains in this status until construction starts, which generally takes six months, on average, after launch.

The launch takes place as soon as the construction company completes all the processes involving the necessary documentation and permits, in addition to the Incorporation Registration (RI), essential to begin construction of the project and start sales.

While the project does not yet exist, it is essential that the marketing team carry out market research, including defining the best location for the construction. Then, the project conceptualization stage begins, and then the other marketing actions.

In an exclusive interview with Live, Gabriela Borba, Market Intelligence professional and content creator for Apto, explained how a real estate launch works, above all, based on its planning:

“The real estate launch is made by the developer and the construction company. So first, there is all the teamwork to find land and then launch the product. It involves several areas within the company: the personnel who take care of the legalization processes to buy the land where the construction will be carried out, market intelligence, marketing, etc. It’s very complete teamwork.”.

Gabriela Borba, Fit

The planning time is also the right time for the “pirate shift”, a term that, in the real estate market, refers to the action of prospecting clients before the real estate registration of a launch, since it is the right time to create a great point of sale and leave all marketing actions ready.

For many professionals, this step is a good stage to close sales. “The beginning is when they mark the land with “soon” next to the name of the construction company. It is not much, but they are already announcing preliminary information to draw attention, as this is an important marketing strategy to indicate that a project will be launched on that land”, explains Gabriela.

How does a real estate launch work?

With the table of values ​​closed, the memorial approved by the city hall, the correct documentation and the Registration of Incorporation (RI) ready, the units can now be sold.

Then, the marketing strategies can already start: product information is disclosed (as it was previously a secret to instigate customers’ curiosity), the point of sale is prepared and the decorated apartment can now be visited for as many as possible. buyers ask questions and get to know the details of the project.

How does a real estate launch work?

Among immersion technologies, distribution of gifts and vouchers, special lunches, partnerships with local merchants and other actions, the strategies of builders and developers aim to bring delight to their customers.

“Usually, real estate launches take place on weekends, as it is a quieter time, when most people are not working. Many companies bring food trucks or prepare menus for families. Even if the client does not buy the apartment, a structure is created so that the person knows the proposal. There is all this concern at the stands”, says Gabriela.

And all this structure mentioned by the interviewee guarantees a unique experience for potential buyers. Therefore, each company makes a point of innovating with a different strategy to delight them during the product presentation and, then, enable a special purchase.

How does launch marketing work?

Real estate marketing is responsible for identifying the most appropriate strategies for a launch to be carried out successfully and win over customers. But everything must be done according to the available budget and the established schedule.

The money made available to invest in marketing actions is very important for the construction company or developer responsible for the launch to be able to prospect clients. For this, several actions are taken before and during the launch.

Generally, companies usually allocate something between 2% and 4% of the General Sales Volume (PSV) to marketing and this percentage varies according to the need for the effort of each product.

After all, the more attractive the product, the less marketing effort will be to make sales. For this reason, the differentials are so important and contribute to the projects to stand out from the competition.

How important is a real estate launch?

The real estate launch is a very important step, as it ends up being a kind of thermometer on the public’s adherence to the project, without spending as much, as Gabriela explains:

“The launch is the most important stage because it is at this point that the developer or the construction company will know whether the product will be accepted or not by the public… For the company, it is very important that most of the units are sold at the launch because, like, , less marketing efforts are used and, in addition, the company is already able to guarantee the units, which means that there will be no stock.“.

She also says that there is a term in the market: “the product melted”, which means that the success was so great that there are no more units for sale. And this initial success even guarantees that the work is completed, after all, with the payment of customers, it is already possible to advance the financing.

Thus, with the meltdown, the company gains credibility in the real estate market and still ends up guaranteeing some advantages for customers who decided to make the purchase beforehand.

What materials are featured during a real estate launch?

What materials are featured during a real estate launch?

In the launches, decorated apartments are presented.

Real estate launches are about new construction, so it is essential that the material presented to customers shows details and is sufficient for the customer to know the product in full.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the real estate market used only visits to booths to present the product to customers. Nowadays, however, a new reality has shown new possibilities for the market and the virtual medium has brought new perspectives.

“Now we are in this other scenario, which is the virtual one, which is working very well, it was even a paradigm shift in the real estate market. Because there was always the understanding that to make a sale it would have to be in person… But now, with covid-19, we saw that no, you don’t need to be 100% on duty to have a sale. Today there are 100% digital contracts online…. Today we are seeing that demand continues, people are still buying even though they don’t physically go to the stand”, explains Gabriela.

However, thinking about the traditional scenario during a face-to-face launch, in addition to the stand itself, perspectives are presented with photos that show the leisure area, showing the differentials.

In addition to this material, there is another very important one: the model. According to Gabriela, imposing models have used that show the size of the building, in addition to some other differentials according to what the product offers:

“The model shows not only the tower but the entire leisure area, the façade, how the swimming pool, gym, etc. will be. If there are stores, they are also added to the model. It is at this time of launch when there are already stores (in the development), which add the brands that will be present, so there is an appreciation of the product. In addition to a location map to show the attractions that exist in the region, showing if it is close to any mall, club or subway…”.

Another option is to show the possibilities of expanding the property, an interesting marketing strategy for the public and positive for the company, as Gabriela explains:

“The decorated ones, for the most part, are made on top of the decorated plants. And, often, photos of the enlarged floor plan are also shown to give a feeling of greater space, allowing the customer to choose two or three bedrooms, for example. This strategy is used to show him how it is possible to optimize the space, working on the breadth of the product.”.

What are the advantages of investing in a real estate launch?

The purchase of a real estate launch is the type of investment that offers a series of interesting advantages for those who undertake it, while it is a good selling moment for builders and developers.

The cost-benefit, for example, is one of the main advantages, because, when buying an apartment for sale in the plant, the cost can be up to 20% cheaper than a finished or semi-new property.

In addition, the customer has more time to pay the down payment, at least 20% within three years. In other words, the greater the amount you can give in the act, the better, less complications with bank financing and even less interest to pay in the future.

What are the advantages of investing in a real estate launch

It is also the ideal time to attract investors, as this is a public that seeks to get ahead and make the purchase even during the period when the product offers more advantageous prices. Therefore, guaranteeing exclusive commercial conditions is a great opportunity to make part of the sales even before opening the sale to the general public.

Another advantage is the possibility of customization, since, in some cases, it is possible to customize part of the property, as explained by Gabriela in relation to the photos of the enlarged plan.

When buying at launch, the customer will also have more time to plan the space’s furniture, as well as dealing with simpler documentation in the purchase process, since it is a new property.

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