Professional Practices & Quality

Every project is custom because every client has a different wish list.  Regardless of the scope, every project receives our best attention and quality.

Design instead of Design-Build

Separating design from build is good for our clients.  This way, our clients have more people advocating for them. As your designer team, we get to know your remodel goals. Throughout design and construction, we are looking out for your best interest and have high-level insight that other consultants may not have. We provide a valuable resource to your contractors, engineers, and more.  This helps everyone realize your project to its fullest. Likewise, the general contractor, engineers, and other trades involved are also looking out for your best interests; each one an advocate for your project. This allows for greater creativity and valuable experiences across all trades involved.  Collaboration is the most effective way to ensure your design vision is shared among all of your consultants from beginning to end. The bottom line is that our clients receive better design when we are separate from build.  For this reason, we will always be a design firm, not design build.

Contractor Recommendations

We can recommend companies with whom we have built solid relationships.  We also work with new contractors from time to time but prefer working with the people we know and trust.

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