Design Services

Interior Design Services

Are you looking to remodel or renovate your home?  We offer full interior design services with procurement and installation.  We are involved with your project from start to finish.  What’s even better is that our clients have fun with us in the process.  Below is a list of our service categories:

Schematic Design
Design Development
CAD Documentation
On-Site Project Observation
Purchasing & Installation
Out of State or Local Presentations
Custom Textile & Furniture Design
Multiple Phase Design Documentation
Delivery & Installation of Furnishings & Fixtures

You deserve a home that inspires you.

Let our staff custom create your ideal home.

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Once the proposal is approved we will begin work.  The design process takes anywhere from 4 weeks to 9 weeks depending on the complexity and scale of the project.  The timeline can also be effected by your participation.  We will discuss timeline in depth in person at the consultation as well as in your letter of agreement.

Contractors & Construction

We work with contractors we know and trust to take care of our clients.   Our contractors are professionals who are attentive to detail and customer experience.  The construction timeline is up to the contractor and his schedule, but with a well prepared set of plans, construction is much more efficient.  Our contractors like working with us because they like having everything they need to complete the project in one place.

Purchasing, Delivery, & Installation

Once design is approved, custom furnishings and window treatment production begin.  We procure and have all items installed for you.  We handle any issues that may arise, and then deliver your amazing new space into place.  It is a rewarding day for everyone when we all see the design that we’ve envisioned come to life!

Cost of Services & Fees

We are happy to share our fees with you! We want our clients to be comfortable with our process and that absolutely involves money. We talk about money very candidly with our clients throughout the process, so we are happy to do the same for you, starting with our fees.  Each project starts with a 2 hour in depth consultation.  Current consultation rate is $385 for the Portland Metro.   

During the consultation we will discuss your project in depth.   You will be given guidance, direction and solutions to your design issues.  By the end of the appointment you will be better informed about how to proceed.  At the end of the consultation we will explain how we work and what you can expect from us as your design team.  After this initial meeting, we will present a proposal and scope of work for your approval.  See our Schedule of Fees for 2018 below. 


After the consultation, we create a scope and estimate a design fee based the time we believe it will take us to complete the job as discussed.  Not every project or client requires the same time as the last so we base our estimate on your needs.  However, each project is handled in a systematic way and we strive to keep our clients on the timeline we’ve set for their project.


Every project in our office has a team of staff members assigned to it.  Each member works on their part to gather all the moving pieces and information.  Our fees range depending on the staff member who completes the task. This is the fairest way to work as our clients do not pay for unused time and neither are our clients paying a designer to do an administrative task.   Projects begin with a retainer and are billed monthly until completion. For most projects, the duration is 3-6 months.

Schedule of Fees for 2018

Consultation: Up to 2 Hours in home Consultation $385
Principal, Lead and Jr Design Fees: Range between $120-$210 per hour
Drafting and admin fees:  Range between $55-$85 per hour
2 Hour In-Home Consultation is $385
1 hour In-Ofice Consultation to review new construction building plans $180

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